Monday, January 8, 2018

Weekend Things!

The last month has felt like a whirlwind! I took almost 2 weeks off after the marathon and did my first longish run on Christmas Eve - 8 miles. I've since ran 9.25 miles but have definitely backed off some. My running goal right now is to keep a base (20-30 mi/wk). I really want to be able to run a 1/2 marathon at last minute notice. I am also working on running with a group 2-3 x's per week. My biggest fitness goal right now is strength training :) The hubs and I are back in bootcamp 3-4x's/week.

Weekend things: We finally went and saw The Greatest Showman and I think it might be one of my favorite movies! My 12 year old son walked out and said, "that was an amazing movie!". I downloaded the soundtrack and he rocked out to it on our way home from the beach. He's not typically my artistic/singing kiddo, so I was genuinely surprised that he loved it that much!

We headed over to the coast on Thursday morning after a quick 5 mile run, met up with friends for some play time and lunch at the park, saw The Greatest Showman and the hubs got a free dinner at his favorite clam chowder place since it was his birthday on 1/2! We originally planned to come over on Friday with friends, but decided to leave early and a get a hotel for Thursday night but then they asked us to come over early so we ditched the hotel and stayed with them. Yay for only having to unpack once!

Their kids are 3, 7, and 9 and ours are 10, 12, and 13 and they played so well together! I almost think they played better together than they do with kiddos their own age.

Friday we got to run with our friends while Mady watched the kiddos, 5 miles of clean air and crazy elevation! Then we headed to the barn and the beach. I don't think any of the kids argued at all, it was a miracle!! We hit up a little winery that had a wonderful Zin and had peacocks and dogs. The kids bought food for the peacocks and spent most of their time feeding them. Then back to the house for dinner, games, and pizookies. I highly recommend staying with a fire fighter. They can cook (& clean ;) really well! Ha.

Saturday was 6 miles on the beach. There were even 3 bathrooms along the route, 3!! Another miracle ;)

Then I took Mady into the village and we shopped and went through museums. It was a great Mommy/Daughter day!

Then back home for nacho, more games (I need to buy Bananagrams & Really Bad Art), and cookies. Just an FYI, if you don't have butter you can use plain Greek yogurt as a substitute :)

We headed home and Sunday and prepped for back to work/school the next day! I am already starting to think about spring break :)

Do you get time off at Christmas/New Years?
What are your running/work out goals this week? 
Best thing you ate this weekend? 

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