Friday, January 26, 2018

Friday's Favorite Recipe

I am finally feeling about 80% normal. Holy cow, this crud about knocked me out! And then I think about people who are chronically ill or who have chronic pain and I realize that it could be SOOO much worse.

I managed to work out three times this week which is a huge improvement over last week! I did a 3 mile run on Monday, then boot camp on Tuesday and Wednesday morning. I am planning on another easy jog after work today and then a 4-6 mile run on both Saturday and Sunday. Maybe I'll get a little crazy and run to boot camp, do a work out, and then run home :) That would put me at about 9 miles, but it would be fun!

The poor hubs was out of town Monday night - Wednesday night and when he got home, I felt completely useless, which is not what I was hoping for especially after being sick for so long! I decided to go and get the cough medicine my doctor had prescribed and I took it Wednesday night and I slept (almost) through the night for the first time in almost a week! Yay! Then I felt like a million bucks on Thursday :) And my kids even cleaned the kitchen last night to earn extra electronic time (minus the arguing..)
I'm so glad we were able to get some extra time together last night and even watched the last episode of This is Us while the kiddos finished up their chores and electronic time.

Lukey made it on the Principal's list for his grades and they are doing an award's assembly at school today because I've had to call in sick so much that I decided it was best if I don't go :( Insert major mom guilt! I did get to talk to him before school today and I told him that he gets to pick dinner and a treat tonight. So, dinner is going to be chocolate chip pancakes and I'm guessing he's going to pick homemade kettle corn for a treat!

Here's my recipe:
1/3 c popcorn
3 tbsp oil
1/3 c sugar

Put the oil & popcorn in a big stock pot, once you hear the first kernel pop, dump in the sugar. Cover with a lid and shake it around every few seconds until all of the kernels have popped. It's so easy and yummy but if you do it right, you might be a little sweaty when you're done doing the sugar shake, LOL.

What are your Friday night plans? 
Any awesome recipes to share? 
Do you feel like your motivation changes during certain times of the year? 

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