Thursday, January 19, 2017

Thankful Thursday

I am finding the positive today!

1. Rain. I live in Cali and we have been in a drought for some time and we are finally seeing some rain!

2. My running/work out friends. Sometimes, especially lately, it is crazy hard to drag myself out of a nice warm bed, but knowing that someone is waiting for me to show up forces me up and out that door! And by the end of the day, I am so glad that I made the time to work out!

3. Coffee. Especially in my new Disneyland mug.
4. The ability to run. My knee is finally not hurting! I really laid off on running last week (except I walked 15,000-35,000/day at Disney) and I think it has really helped!

5. Dory. She fell off the bed last night and hurt her paw, which just reminded me how much I love her and how much comfort she brings me. I should add that she's another reason why it's so hard to get up in the morning because she likes to snuggle as soon as my alarm goes off.

6. The husband. This man is a good man. Like sometimes (often) I wonder how I was blessed/lucky enough to land this guy. He ran a 1:47 in the Disney race this weekend and this has been my first time cheering and not running and whew that was way more stressful than I thought it would be! He also managed to make it back to the park with us when it opened and stayed until 10:30!

7. My girlfriends. Especially on those rough days and one of them happens to send the perfect text at the perfect time and it fills my heart <3

8. My mama. Not that I didn't love and appreciate her before, but I do even more so after losing my dad. I am so thankful for her and the time I have with her. 

9. My kids and that they still want to hang out with me. I hope that never changes!

10. My job and the fact that I like it most days :) 

Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Happy Hump Day! I always love Wednesdays because the kids have church tonight and the hubs and I typically take advantage and either go out on a date night or we get food and watch our fav show while the kids are having fun at church. Hopefully tonight that means taco salads and "This Is Us." We just finished Narcos on Netflix so we are looking for a new series on either Netflix or Amazon.

Yesterday started with this workout Full Body Strength training by Body by Amy on YouTube and holy moly I am sore today!

Last night, I had my favorite meal ever! The hubs smoked chicken and I baked sweet potatoes and made fajita veggies. We stuffed our sweet potato with the chicken, shredded cheese, and added a dollop of Greek yogurt = yummo!
I also had Artic Zero ice cream for dessert. This stuff is awesome when you are cutting back on added sugar. It's not the best ice cream per se, but it is a yummy treat :) It's kind of like the Quest Chips, they aren't the best chips, but they are perfect when you are looking for a crunchy treat.
Image result for arctic zero cookies and cream

This morning was more veggie scrambled egg whites and a chicken, spinach, and feta sausage = 39g of protein before 7am! My lunch is at 10:42am and I am usually starving, but not today!

I showed up to work today realizing that I matched my student almost perfectly, which is even more hilarious because he's a 6'5" boy.
So, my alarm went off at 4:20 this morning so that I could get a 3 mile run + abs in and I did not want to get up. The new plan is at least 3 outside miles after work + some strength work with my kiddos. I hate taking time away from them to workout, but I know taking care of myself is necessary and I will make sure to include them in on the strength section :) Actually, a great idea just struck! I will have them ride their bikes with me. Working out isn't about convenience, it's about making it work for you! 

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Monday Matters

It's not technically Monday, but boy does it fee like one?? We spent the last 3 full days at Disneyland! We surprised the kids Friday night by picking them up for school and shopping at the outlets south of town and then taking them to a semi-fancy restaurant.

The hubs told them we got snowed in so we had to find a hotel. We then drove another hour to Disneyland!

We unloaded our stuff and the kids still didn't know about Disney because they knew that Daddy had a race there on Sunday. But once I took out our Disney lanyards, they figured it out!

We stayed directly across the street and had a Magic Morning first thing on Saturday. We left the park around dinner time on Saturday so that Daddy could rest before his race, but he managed to stay up and at it until about 10pm on Sunday night and Braden and I decided to stay and close down the park.
It was so sweet to have a little date night with the boy. This can be a hard thing to come by when you have 3 kiddos, and especially out of town. 

We managed to get home around 6, unpack the car, eat some cereal, and fly into bed! Usually, I work out anytime we are traveling, and while I could have gotten up at 5am, I chose to sleep and hang with the family. I did manage to walk between 15,000-35,000 steps each day so at least that's something :) But I also ate pretty much whatever my heart desired (french fries, peppermint ice cream, milk duds, etc) That also meant that today is a reset day! I started with 30 min of strength/cardio training and a vegetable egg white scramble. This will be followed by cutting back on simple carbs and added sugar (soda, candy, ice cream, etc).
I don't currently have a race on the schedule, but there is a 1/2 coming up in my city on January 28th, so maybe...

This week's workouts:
Tuesday: Strength & a walk after dinner
Wednesday: 4.5 miles hills
Thursday: 3 miles fast + strength & a walk after dinner 
Friday: 5-6 miles
Saturday: 4-6 miles + breakfast with the girlfriends
Sunday: 8-10 (hopefully with the hubs, his foot is a little swollen after his race and tons of Disney walking miles!)

Friday, January 13, 2017

Friday Favs

1. My new Silpada necklace :)
I can wear this thing in the shower, while I'm working out, and it hasn't come off since Wednesday!

2. Doughnut shop nutty caramel. We only have a few of these left so I have been savoring them. I made one the other morning for me and just used the regular stuff for the hubs and he could smell that my coffee was the caramel one. What!?

3. Gel nails. Because they are the best and they last me about 3 weeks. Although Kenny (my nail guy) always gets annoyed that I cut them. But it works and I like them short!

4. My wireless headphones. I actually don't use them very often while I run, because 90% of the time, I am running with other people, and I would rather chat but when I am lifting weights and doing strength, I can listen to music without getting tied up in the cords!

5. Matching shirts! We are surprising our kiddos with Disneyland tickets this weekend, so we'll be wearing Star Wars one day, Neon the next, and new Mickey/Minnie shirts!
The hubs is also running in the Star Wars #lightside Disney race this weekend, so we will definitely come up with some cool signs and cheer him on! I can't wait.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Tuesday 10

1. I made a checklist for today and it's already 1/2 checked off!

2. My workout was 3 treadmill miles @ 8:17 + 30 min of strength

3. Breakfast was oatmeal + vanilla Vega protein and greens + pecans and 1/2 banana
4. Free Starbucks for the month of January thanks to my cross country kids for this amazing cup!
5. Planning a weekend with my niece in February and we're thinking maybe it'll be a Harry Potter weekend!
6. Also starting to plan our spring break. Is Napa possible with kiddos? 

7. Free Rubios tonight for dinner because they are opening a new restaurant!! 
8. Our new ovens should be installed today, which is crazy exciting because we have been dealing with Sears for over a year now on faulty ovens...
9. Braden figured out the coolest way to use our new weight bench
10. I am planning to finish off the night in my new favorite joggers with my favorite feline. Anyone else crazy exited about the return of "This is Us"??

Monday, January 9, 2017

Monday Matters

Yesterday started with 8 miles @8:08 miles with hills in 63 degree weather at 6am in shorts and a tank top! This is the longest I've gone in a month without pain! My knee ached a little, but no pain! It must have been the socks :)

 I rushed home to get ready for church and this happened
 Ugh. I managed to scoop most of it into another bowl and my oatmeal was saved! On the way to church, I got a frantic call that my sis in law was on her way to the ER for a possible blood clot in her lungs. We immediately stopped and prayed and before we left church, she was released to go home with just cough medicine, thank the Lord. My day pretty much just got better and better from there. After naps, we played a family game of Settler's and had dinner with the in-laws, my favorite Sunday tradition! And I finished off the night with a show with the hubs and snuggles from my favorite kitty.
Run plan for this week includes: 3 miles + strength on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday. Wednesday will be 4.5 miles of hills. Hubs is running in the Disneyland 1/2 on Sunday, so we will be cheering him on for that!

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Comfort Zone

Winter is a tough running season for me. It's almost always dark when I run as it is but then you add cold to that and it is so hard to drag myself out of bed some mornings. There was one day last week that I made the hubs get up and meet our running partner while I stayed in bed. It probably doesn't help that my knee/hip/IT band is still being silly. I don't have a race planned until the fall. So, this has sort of become my forced recoup time from the November marathon. Also, this has been my fourth January that I have been injured so I truly think my body is telling me to back off and do different stuff. So my goal is to run 20-25 easy-ish miles a week until the spring and to pick back up with strength, HIIT workouts, and lots of yoga and stretching. This way I'm not giving up my running base and I'm also building strength. I'm also watching my sugar/processed carb intake.

So, comfort zone. Running with people is so intimidating. I cancelled from running with people a few times before finally conceding because I wanted to get faster and the way to get faster is to run with faster people. For the last 6 months or so I've been driving about 20 minutes to meet up with a few running friends in a much hillier part of town a couple of times a week. I managed to take 11 min off my marathon time and I'm working towards taking off another 13 min for a fall marathon this year. I talked two girlfriends into joining me this week and one cancelled. And I totally get it. Hopefully I’ll be able to convince her to join and it's good to be humbled because sometimes I am still intimidated to run with my normal group. Sometimes it's vital to push yourself out of your comfort zone.