Monday, December 18, 2017

Merry Monday!

Can you believe we are only 1 week out from Christmas?? I finished wrapping and putting bows on everything yesterday afternoon. And then I found a bag of wrapped stuff for the kids and I said 'forget it.' They'll get it wrapped but not bowed :) My mom has always wrapped the prettiest gifts and I feel compelled to do the same but sometimes I have to make time for more important things/people.

Friday night we had our niece, so we took her to a local yogurt place because Santa was there and there were elves doing magic tricks. My niece couldn't understand how Santa could take off his beard and she was so confused that he thought she was my daughter because Santa is supposed to know everything!

The hubs and I managed to get 5 miles in between making cinnamon rolls and peppermint bark.
This is what happens when you run while letting your cinnamon dough rise.

I made about 7 dozen cinnamon rolls :)
So this times about 11 round pans + one 13x9 pan full of cinnamon rolls. My house smelled amazing!!

Then the hubs and I headed out to a Christmas/Bday/Favorite Things/White Elephant party

With my bday twin

And the girls

Thankfully our running buddy agreed to a later run the next morning because we were zonked! 

After church we hit up Costco for some final Christmas lunch/party stuff and of course pizza! The hubs and I usually share a combo slice and I pick off the meat and give it to him and he gives me his onions = perfect match :) 

My dad would be so proud because Mady piles the sauerkraut on her Polish dog.

Any special Christmas traditions?
Do you cook for Christmas/New Years?
What do you eat for Christmas breakfast? 

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