Thursday, December 14, 2017


With my birthday taking place yesterday and with the end of the year right around the corner, I am thinking about what my goals were for 2017 and what I want to focus on for 2018.

Birthday selfie ;) This was before my plastic rubber band broke during 6th period and right after the youngest called me to bring him new clothes because he slipped and fell in the mud!

Here's how I finished out the night while trying on a new sweater I ordered from Target. I'm not completely sold on it. It's shorter and wider than what I usually wear, but I'm digging the ruffles!

Okay, back to goals :)

For 2017:
*I read the bible all the way through for the second time.
*I PR'd twice in the 1/2 marathon distance. In March I ran a 1:34 on a downhill course so it's sort of like a back up PR ;) I ran a fairly tough course in October and PR'd with a 1:39.
*I also PR'd in the marathon by 12 freaking minutes @ a 3:39.
*Work balance is going pretty well, I have gotten really good at leaving things AT work.
*Traveling this year was also amazing and I got to travel with both my mom and my mom-in-law, which is a first and it was super awesome!

For 2018:
*While work balance went well in 2017, balancing xc with family and my own running was super tough. I'm not quite sure how to make this work better, so my goal is to work on a plan that will help to balance this a little more.
*I am still working on figuring out stomach stuff/IBS and my goal is to continue to work on finding a solution. I am on my 2nd round of medication and I'm waiting to hear back on my food sensitivity test.
*I would like to plan another trip with the moms :)
*I plan on reading the bible all the way through for the 3rd time and I want to involve my kiddos in this.
*Lastly, my mantra for this year is "I choose joy." I cannot control my circumstances but I can surely control whether I look for joy in them or not.

What are some goals you have for this year? 
What did you do well this year?
What is your favorite holiday treat? 

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