Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Quick Update!

Cross country season is over!!!!! I do love coaching! And I love running! But, coaching, training for a marathon, mommy-ing, and teaching full time (plus one extra class) is pretty exhausting! Our kids did well at valley and we had lots of PRs and our first male for our school made it to state!! Check out all of the boys in this race!!

We also watched a girl in Division 4 break a 10 second course record, running a 16:30 5k. I would put my money on her making it to the 2020 olympics! Her name is Claudia Lane from Malibu, CA. Mark my words! 

Our Thanksgiving break was awesome! We got our house decorated, did a pie run, watched Justice League and Thor, wrapped gifts, and had lots of family meals. 

I am running CIM in 5 days!! Unfortunately I also had an appt with a foot and ankle doctor a week ago.

My Achilles is super painful. Thankfully the tendon looks good, but there is a ton of inflammation in the soft tissue around it - more than Dr. Z has ever seen 🙁 So, our goal is running this weekend, which means lots of steroids (oral and topical), a night splint, icing, and a PT appt. I’ve also done a deep tissue massage and cryo therapy. 

Basically, I took 2 days off last weekend (minus 1 mi each day for my streak) and the following day it felt better while running (Monday) and then today (Tuesday) it hurts like heck after running. So, I think that’s telling me that I am basically not going to run at all this week and hope for the best on Sunday. 

A few things I’m trying to remember:
✨I’ve put in the work
✨The only thing I can control now is my sleep and diet
✨My fitness is there, one week off will do nothing except give my body rest
✨For every fear/negative thought, I will also have a positive one
✨There is so much more to life than a race
✨5 days and then onto my next goal 

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