Sunday, November 5, 2017

My weekend in Pics

Friday began with 10 miles and an awards ceremony for Lukey Bear 🐻 

The hubs and I both got a massage after work (yahoo!!) and took the kids to the Air 1 Positive Hits Tour. 

Luke didn’t quite last the whole concert... it was a late night! 

And an early morning Saturday for 5 treadmill miles and 5 miles with my honey before a cross country meet for our high schoolers!

I am so happy about the time change and more of these sunrises!

PR’s for most of our team at our county championships! 

And then naps!! I cannot get enough sleep with this peak marathon training and cross county season and momming and teaching...

As soon as we left the meet I felt a little tickle in the back of my throat and I knew something was up 🤧🤒

I really debated with myself over running Sunday morning but I only had 2 more 20-milers on the schedule and I really just wanted to get it done! 

I feel like I ran faster because I just wanted to get back home! 

Total = 73 this week. This is my highest mileage week ever, which could also be why I don’t feel super great, but I only have two more super hard weeks and then it’s tapering!! 

So, soup 🍲 and hopefully some froyo🍦 for dinner tonight to soothe this silly throat!

Do you crave anything specific when you don’t feel well?
    - I usually crave hot & sour soup from a local restaurant.

Do you take anything to prevent sickness, especially during a hard training cycle?

Thoughts on the NYC marathon??
     - My training partner ran it! He’s turning 62 next week and he is a total and complete rockstar!!

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