Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Quick Update!

Cross country season is over!!!!! I do love coaching! And I love running! But, coaching, training for a marathon, mommy-ing, and teaching full time (plus one extra class) is pretty exhausting! Our kids did well at valley and we had lots of PRs and our first male for our school made it to state!! Check out all of the boys in this race!!

We also watched a girl in Division 4 break a 10 second course record, running a 16:30 5k. I would put my money on her making it to the 2020 olympics! Her name is Claudia Lane from Malibu, CA. Mark my words! 

Our Thanksgiving break was awesome! We got our house decorated, did a pie run, watched Justice League and Thor, wrapped gifts, and had lots of family meals. 

I am running CIM in 5 days!! Unfortunately I also had an appt with a foot and ankle doctor a week ago.

My Achilles is super painful. Thankfully the tendon looks good, but there is a ton of inflammation in the soft tissue around it - more than Dr. Z has ever seen πŸ™ So, our goal is running this weekend, which means lots of steroids (oral and topical), a night splint, icing, and a PT appt. I’ve also done a deep tissue massage and cryo therapy. 

Basically, I took 2 days off last weekend (minus 1 mi each day for my streak) and the following day it felt better while running (Monday) and then today (Tuesday) it hurts like heck after running. So, I think that’s telling me that I am basically not going to run at all this week and hope for the best on Sunday. 

A few things I’m trying to remember:
✨I’ve put in the work
✨The only thing I can control now is my sleep and diet
✨My fitness is there, one week off will do nothing except give my body rest
✨For every fear/negative thought, I will also have a positive one
✨There is so much more to life than a race
✨5 days and then onto my next goal 

Sunday, November 5, 2017

My weekend in Pics

Friday began with 10 miles and an awards ceremony for Lukey Bear 🐻 

The hubs and I both got a massage after work (yahoo!!) and took the kids to the Air 1 Positive Hits Tour. 

Luke didn’t quite last the whole concert... it was a late night! 

And an early morning Saturday for 5 treadmill miles and 5 miles with my honey before a cross country meet for our high schoolers!

I am so happy about the time change and more of these sunrises!

PR’s for most of our team at our county championships! 

And then naps!! I cannot get enough sleep with this peak marathon training and cross county season and momming and teaching...

As soon as we left the meet I felt a little tickle in the back of my throat and I knew something was up πŸ€§πŸ€’

I really debated with myself over running Sunday morning but I only had 2 more 20-milers on the schedule and I really just wanted to get it done! 

I feel like I ran faster because I just wanted to get back home! 

Total = 73 this week. This is my highest mileage week ever, which could also be why I don’t feel super great, but I only have two more super hard weeks and then it’s tapering!! 

So, soup 🍲 and hopefully some froyo🍦 for dinner tonight to soothe this silly throat!

Do you crave anything specific when you don’t feel well?
    - I usually crave hot & sour soup from a local restaurant.

Do you take anything to prevent sickness, especially during a hard training cycle?

Thoughts on the NYC marathon??
     - My training partner ran it! He’s turning 62 next week and he is a total and complete rockstar!!

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

WIA Last Week & No pics!

Ugh. We’ve gotten to the stage where I don’t even take pics of my kids dressed up in their costumes! What is wrong with me?! Seriously though, Mady had dinner and trick or treated with her friends and the boys came up with stuff super last minute, like as we were walking out of the door! Luke was a nerd. He popped out the lenses from some old glasses, parted his hair down the middle, and wore a tie. B found an old Storm Trooper costume. Really, they just wanted to go Trick or Treating, which is fine by me! We had our annual chili/potato/frito boats and then made it home to watch some of the game! 

I discovered Snickers Peanut Butter and they are pretty legit! I may have definitely put some of those in my freezer for later!

I had meetings yesterday for lunch so we hit a farm to table resteraunt downtown and it was AMAZING. Like, the best thing I have put in my mouth! It’s called Locale and they source everything from local farms. I had a sweet potato and brussel sprout melt. 

I don’t think any picture could do this justice, it was that good!!

Monday Mania

Who watched Stranger Things 2 this weekend? Not me! My middle waited to have a sleepover for his bday until this Friday and we ended up with 10 kids who for the most part wouldn’t be quiet enough to watch an episode! Some of them had already watched a couple and were giving major spoilers! So, I sat at the table and read a book so that I can watch it again and really enjoy it… Ugh. Silly boys!

The hubs was super sweet and stayed at home while I did a 10-miler, which probably benefitted everyone because it definitely boosted my mood after a late, crazy night! I started on the treadmill and finished outside with the sunrise! So pretty. 

The little one then had a flag football game and he was off to spend the night with my sis and Mady had a robotics competition. Ha, that seems pretty well balanced! Although, the poor things got my coordination. Thankfully, they got both of our brains though! We finished out the day with a huge nap and a movie night.

Sunday started with a 16 mile run. I did 4 on the treadmill and I had plans for 20. The hubs ducked out after 7, so I finished with someone who is MUCH faster than me and about a foot taller. I swear long legs cover more ground with less effort ;) Anyway, I ended up doing 12 @ or below MP so I stuck to 16 rather than more. I have 5 weeks left on my training plan and 3 of those have a 20 miler, so that should be plenty without overdoing it!

We took the kids to church, have leftovers, and then another huge nap! We finished out the night with baseball! 

I’ve been pretty darn good about eating whole foods the last week. The only times I’ve veered away were for Gu during my run. I should have grabbed some dates but I honestly didn’t think about it until afterwards and my stomach tolerated it okay. I’ve also been eating protein bars because they are quick, easy, and I can eat them while I teach. Then last night, I wanted something sweet sooo bad, so I had cherry chocolate chip froyo and it totally hit the spot! I keep trying to remind myself that I can have a little more balance once the marathon is done (5 weeks!!!) But for now, this really does seem to help my tummy. 

Dinners are kind of tough too because I am getting sick of chicken and veggies. Last night, I roasted some whole mini peppers and cut up a chicken patty on kale and that helped to change it up a little. Tonight will be vegetable barley soup and grilled chicken. The hubs bought some rosemary bread and I may have to have a small slice because it smells amazing!

And to celebrate National Cat Day, I let Dory finish off my froyo. She approved!

Have you ever had to modify your diet?
Do you prefer froyo or ice cream? What is your favorite flavor/topping?
What is your ultimate dessert?
-I have to go with froyo w/ Reece’s mixed in on this one :)