Friday, September 29, 2017

Friday Friday

Whew, to say the last 7 weeks have been busy would definitely be an understatement! Deciding to traing for a BQ at the same time as going back to work after the summer and coaching cross country alongside the hubs was nuts! So fun, but nuts!

I’m on week 7 of marathon training and will close out the week at 58 miles. I’m doing well at adding in speed, mileage, and hill workouts. I’ve also already planned my post marathon meal :) I’ll be in Waco the weekend after my marathon so I will definitely have some Blue Bell ice cream and Freebirds!!

I, unfortunately am back to eating gluten free and cutting out added sugar because my stomach cannot hang, which was really impacting my running. I had a pity party filled with gluten and sugary delishness on Sunday and my stomach hurt so bad I haven’t wanted to touch the stuff since!

Tomorrow will be 16 miles, the longest so far in this cycle, a football game for the youngest and then date night to the Faith Hill and Tim McGraw concert! I can’t wait 😍 Here’s what I’ll be wearing, the hubs not so much!
LOL, this was Western Day at school for spirit week!

Any favorite gluten free recipes?
What’s the last concert you were at? Favorite mid-run fuel?

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