Monday, August 21, 2017

Monday Musings & Goals

The weekend went by so fast! Friday night was a Costco visit, ice cream with the friends, and ham & swiss sliders (the kids' fav!). We try and do a little mini celebration for the 1st week of school. I'm also trying to make the easiest possible meals ever for the upcoming weeks until we are a bit more adjusted to our school/work schedules.

Saturday was 8 miles of trails and hills with about 1/2 the xc team for an optional practice 😊

My sweet guy then came home to change my cracked headlight and put a basket on Betsy (the scooter).

This probably sounds easier than it actually was! The previous owners dropped the scooter and cracked several parts/panels on her and also drilled 2 holes incorrectly for a basket so there was lots of finagling going on. Bless him.

Sunday was 12 long/slow miles (ran 1 min/mi slower than marathon goal pace), church, and family dinner.

I definitely slacked on food pictures this weekend! The hubs smoked a tri-tip (and chicken for me and meal prepping!). We also had asparagus, salad, french bread, and mac n cheese (I added truffle salt to my and holy yum!!).

The hubs and I are going to be helping in a high school Sunday school class and this feels like such an answer to prayer. Have you ever felt like you're doing exactly what you were called/are supposed to do? I felt a great amount of peace in that room with those students and that is a huge answer to prayer! Second huge answer to prayer this weekend. I took Luke by the mail box to drop off some letters and I threw the letters and my wallet into my cute, new little basket. And then we drove out and around our neighborhood, probably close to 5 miles round trip. I got home and realized my wallet was gone! I immediately prayed that I would either find my wallet or the person who did would kindly return it. I made it almost all the way home but saw it in the middle of the road that last stretch!! What are the chances? So, only heavy items in the basket from now on!!

Goals for this week?
-In bed before 9 every night! Plan: No TV after the kids go to bed
-Rather than focusing on mileage, I want to focus more on really listening to my body this week. Plan: look over my plan each night and take a few notes on the day to determine what I need to do for the next morning.
-Work on making my easy days easy and my hard days hard (tempo, speed, etc).
-No spend week. Plan: only buying fresh groceries at the end of the week and working on cooking out of the pantry with 1 eat out day (Wednesday bc church at 5:45 🙃).

What is an easy go to meal that you have in your arsenal?
What's 1 goal you have for the week?
What's the best thing you did/ate this weekend?

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