Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Surviving the Heat & Humidity

For those of you who run in the more humid states, bless you. I typically do not. Heat ✅. I live in a valley that consistently hits triple digits during the summer months, but we have very little humidity. However, TX has both and that's where I've been running the last few weeks. So, a few things I've been using that help are:
1. Glide. I use this stuff everywhere ;)

2. I'm loving my Oiselle Long Roga shorts. They are long enough that my thighs don't chafe, they have pockets, and they can withstand the crazy amount of moisture in the air.

3. A Oiselle visor. I like how well it forms around my head but doesn't squeeze my head if that makes sense ;)

4. Sunscree is a must. I use Cerave with 50spf.

5. I've also been using a small handheld water bottle and Nuun. The hubs isn't a fan of Nuun because it's a little bubbly, but I like it and I can definitely feel an energy boost after drinking it :) He uses Mio with electrolytes and that works well for him.
6. #sportsbrasquad. For real. I haven't ran with a shirt for almost 2 full weeks and not only is it cooler, it's liberating, and I have less laundry to do 😂😂.

Have any tips for summer running?
What's the weather like where you are?

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