Saturday, July 29, 2017


The hubs and I have had our eyes out for a scooter for me for a while. Ray drives a Honda Shadow Phantom and as much as I love being on the back, there's no way I would feel comfortable driving it. However, a scooter is perfect! So, we found a 2008 Genuine Buddy 150 with 900 miles on her. Her owner lives 2 hours away but met us an hour away and we got her!

Ray was sweet enough to drive her home in the 100+ degree weather! Also, she tops out at 70mph so I followed him in the car as he drove about 55-60mph. Bless him!

I took my motorcycle permit test on Friday and score, I passed! 3 things I was unaware of though: I would also have to take a renewal test for my class C license; even though it's only a permit, I would have to take my picture; I would also have to retake the vision test.

Thank goodness I looked over the laws and regulations and I only missed 1 on the renewal test! Of course I didn't have a lick of makeup on and my hair was still wet for my picture. LOL, at least my eyebrows looked awesome (microblading)!

Good news though, they removed my corrective lenses on my license because I forgot my glasses and I barely passed the vision test!!

She is pretty stinking cute! My papa and dad had a baby truck named Betsy, so it's only fitting to carry on the tradition, so I introduce you to Betsy.

Now for my driving test 😅 I'm planning on driving to the DMV when they are closed and practicing on their course. I basically have to drive zig zag through cones and then a circle without my tires leaving the inside of the circle and then back through both parts of the course. Fun stuff!!

Today will be a hilly run, grocery shopping, pool time, and hopefully some scooter riding!

What's your Saturday plans?
Ever ride a motorcyle or scooter? Love it? Hate it?

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