Thursday, July 20, 2017

Catching Up!

No excuses. I am exhausted and traveling semi-cross country in a Suburban with 3 littles is tough business!

Life: I have less than a month before going back to work! If you don't know, I teach high school English and coach xc. The hubs teaches math at the same school and will be coaching alongside me this year. I'm still somewhat in denial and I'm trying not to think about work yet! We got back from our trip Sunday night and of course the only traffic we hit was in Cali!

Unpacking and laundry for days!

Then on Tuesday, the hubs and I headed down to LA to get my touch up for my eyebrows (Casey Loza @ Spa Carmen is amazing!!!) So we decided to hit a 4Dx movie (Planet of the Apes) and go to Universal Studios. It was such a nice, peaceful time after nearly 4500 miles in the car with our kids ;) And then I missed the kids. How does that even work?!

This was Jurassic Park and I have never been so wet on a ride!

The hotel (Hilton Universal) gave us a map for a running route and we ran through a movie shoot (pretty cool!).

Running: We definitely kept up with running while on vacay because we're about 5 weeks away from marathon training. I am averaging between 30-40 miles a week right now and plan to peak around 70 miles in November.

Moving on: Now is the time that I planned on really trying to clean up my diet in preparation for marathon training. My stomach pretty much goes crazy when I run when I have had too much fat, sugar, or gluten. So I've decided that I'm not counting calories, macros, or weighing myself. I am basing how I eat on how I feel. I know what bothers my stomach and what works for me, so that's truly what I am focusing on :)

Happy Thursday!!

How often do you weigh yourself?
Are you running a fall half/marathon?
What is your favorite time of year for running?

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