Sunday, July 2, 2017

Back to the Grind and My Week in Running

Ah, to be back on solid ground feels sooo good! We drove 4 hours from the ship to Waco and finished 5 (1 more to go) loads of laundry.

It's back to the grind for the most part today.

Running for the week:
Sun: 9 miles @ 80 min
Mon: 5 @ 45 min
Tues: 6 @ 50 min
Wed: 5 @ 43:30 min
Thurs: 6 @ 50 min
Fri: 4 @ 34:40 min
Sat: 1 mi @ 7:45 (to keep the streak!) Day 1️⃣0️⃣5️⃣!

All of these miles except Sat were ran on the treadmill on the ship.

Trip highlights: Monday we hung out on the beach, snorkeled, kayaked, paddle boarded, and played on blow up trampolines and slides in Cozumel.

Tuesday we rode ATVs, tubed in a cave, and ziplined in Belize.

Wednesday we held sloths, played with monkeys, and snorkeled in Mahogany Bay, Honduras.

Everyone, including animals love Ray. The monkeys fought over who would go in his shirt. Ha.

And now for more laundry and eating like normal people again!

Have you ever touched or held an exotic animal?
What's your favorite vacation?
Where haven't you gone, but want to?


  1. My husband did a Caribbean cruise one Christmas before we got married and did a lot of the same excursions! They absolutely loved the monkeys and the ATV's. Looks like you were able to get a solid week of runs in even with all the activity--super impressed. And can I just say--you have the prettiest smile!!