Thursday, June 15, 2017

Thoughts From My Phone & Judging Me

It's Thursday! T minus 6 days until vacation! My summer to do list is weaning down! The pantry and laundry room are now organized (boring, I know but this is my life ;).

Someone has been super happy that I've spent more time at home lately.

And our next door neighbor kitty is doing better. He got in a cat fight and Luke about lost himself when he found him. This boy loves animals, but especially his neighbor kitty!

I've been to Costco and Target like 8,357 times in the last week getting stuff for our road trip. Mady made it more fun by teaching Dad a new game.

And a no makeup selfie to show how annoyed I was after taking our car in for a tire rotation and I had to buy new tires and then taking our Suburban in for an oil change and having to replace the brake fluid, the power steering fluid, and one other thing. Lots of $ later...

Dory insists that I follow her to her food so she can eat. Anyone else have a crazy cat that does this?

I'm representing Texas with my Baylor shirt today!

Now, it's time for 5 miles of hills and a boot camp work out! Streak day 89!

Happy Thursday!

Do you ever go makeup free? How often?
What has been your favorite vacation?
How often do you work out? And for how long?

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