Thursday, June 22, 2017

Thankful Thursday

1. Air conditioner
2. Treadmills - Not my favorite thing but when traveling and dealing with triple digits it's the best solution, especially when the gym opens at 5am before our 11 hour drive today.

I am a hot sweaty mess ;)

3. Books. In the car.

4. Hotels with free hot breakfast.
5. Prepackaged salads. Eating healthy while traveling can be a beast but this definitely made it easier this trip.
I tried the avocado ranch and tropical lime and the tropical lime was definitely my fav!

6. Self sufficient kiddos! They have homework, books, snacks, and technology in their backpacks and they handle everything themselves.
7. A husband who doesn't mind driving because I pretty much hate it.
8. Audibles. This did help when the hubs needed to nap and I needed to drive.
9. Blue Bell ice cream. We, of course had to buy some as soon as we entered Texas!

10. Our 10 year old Suburban! We usually drive our tiny little Prius and now that our kids are larger we thought this might be more comfortable and we were right! We've actually made the trip to TX three times in our Prius or in our Honda Civic with all 3 kids! That just seems crazy now ;)

What are you thankful for today?
What's your go to road trip food?
What's the longest you've ever driven?

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