Thursday, June 8, 2017

Thankful Thursday

I was in line at Taco Bell, I know I don't eat healthy ALL the time ;), getting my kiddos and mom dinner when I heard a discussion on the radio about happiness. It essentially said that most people think money will buy them happiness, when in reality it's being grateful and having forgiveness for others that reportedly brings people happiness. I've had this conversation with my students a few times about how serving others and showing gratitude can bring happiness, as a matter of fact, I taught a unit on happiness and all the sources I had them read pointed to exactly this.

After dropping kids and food off at my mom's, the hubs and I went to our running mentor and his wife's retirement party. So, let me back up. What is a running mentor? Well, he coached my bff in high school all the way to the state meet. He has since coached not only high school, but junior high and college. He has a wealth of knowledge and he's been kind enough to sort of take me and the hubs under his wings. Okay, retirement party :) He and his wife spent a good 30 minutes thanking people, friends, co-workers, family members and the like who have helped them to get to this point in their lives. They spent their party thanking others. What a beautiful thing.

During dinner we play a game called roses, thorns, and butterflies. Roses are the best thing that happened to us that day, thorns are the worst, and butterflies are when we served someone else. We've also added in what we are grateful for. It truly is difficult to remain in a bad mood when you are showing gratitude, even if it's for the smallest things.

I'm also doing a bible study about turning the stuff we feel like we have to do into gratitude. For example, one of my goals this week was to clean out kids closets and drawers. Blech. However, when I turned it around to "I get to help my kids clean out their drawers today and I'm grateful that we have the time and resources to clean their closets and buy clothes that fit them. I'm also grateful for healthy children that can help me with this chore."

So, I am going to practice this with my day so far.
1. I am grateful that I woke up before my alarm so that I could get up, have coffee, do my devotions, and read the bible.
2. I am grateful that my running partner was late so that I could run over to the park restroom.
3. I am grateful that I run so early that I get to see the sunrise, especially when it's above water.

4. I am grateful that I am subbing summer school because $.
5. I am grateful that summer school gets out at noon so I can have lunch with my babes and take a nap.
6. I am grateful that I have the resources and time to grocery shop and make healthy food for my family.
7. I am grateful that I am cooking and bringing dinner to a family that has a lot on their plate right now.
8. I am grateful for an overdue supplemental tax bill (I didn't pay it because I thought it was a normal one that was supposed to go to my escrow...) because it means that I have a home to live in and it's worth more than we thought.
9. I am grateful that my muscles are sore, because it means I am working hard and getting stronger.
10. I am grateful for my summer to do list because I have the time and help to get it done.

What about you? What are you most grateful for?

Do you have an annoying task/errand that you can turn into something you're grateful for?  

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