Sunday, June 18, 2017

17 Years & Father's Day

Yesterday, we took some xc boys to run some hills and to breakfast afterwards. it wasn't a bad way to start our anniversary.

After breakfast, we laid out & read by the pool (best ever!!)

Then we took the kids to use their Toys R Us gift cards (their dentist gives them a $20 gc for straight A's!) and to buy a small handheld water bottle since it's supposed to be 112 Monday-Wednesday!

What in the heck?! And no, I won't be running at the hottest time of day by any means but that still makes the lows in the 80's.

So I looked at this water bottle on Amazon but decided to try TJ Maxx first.

It was $18.95 on Amazon and I found it on clearance for $4 at TJ Maxx. I'm not big on carrying anything with me while I run, but I am hoping this will be good for those hot mid-distance runs. I plan on trying it out today and if all else fails, I'm running an out and back so I can just ditch it and pick it up on my way back if necessary.

We finished our day with a broken washer, a 2 hour massage, and free cake 😜The washer locked itself with Luke's clothes in it. It's been making crazy noises and not draining properly for a while, but this was new. I was able to drain enough water to get it to unlock (thank goodness!). Then we celebrated our anniversary with a 2 hour couple's massage. I may have had tears in my eyes while she rubbed out my legs and a few knots in my back. On the way home we stopped at Jake's, the restaurant where we had our first date and we served their cake at our wedding, for a single piece of chocolate cake. The hubs ran in while I was on the phone with Lowe's about our washer, and he came back out to the car with this!

A 1/2 sheet of their lemon cake for $20 (normally $48) because someone ordered it and then cancelled. Oh, and they gave us our single chocolate piece for free!

And it gets better. I decided I wanted the Whirpool Cabrio top load washer/dryer simply based on reviews. The white is the cheapest and is about 25% off the regular price with no interest for 6 mos. Cool. Well, we get to Lowe's and they have a returned set, nothing wrong with it, in a better color. However, the sticker price is still more than the white set. The salesperson says she might be able to get a better deal on it since it's returned. I told her it didn't matter what color, I just wanted the cheapest available. We got more than 1/2 off the regular price and ended up spending about $600 less than I expected with free delivery, haul away of the broken washer, and installation. Whew. Oh, and they are delivering it today. I guess happy anniversary and father's day!

You know you're adulting real hard when you're excited about a new washer/dryer, and my laundry room not being flooded with moldy water πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌ

Father's Day will hopefully be 10 x's more relaxing! It'll start with an 8-10 mile somewhat hilly run, and then some packing for our trip, pool time and a family bbq. The kids are planning on cleaning their rooms, putting away clean dishes, and making their daddy chocolate chip pancakes 😻

The only thing better than being married to this guy is my babies having him for a daddy.

This will be the first Father's Day without my daddy. I like to think that he's looking down on us and smiling today.

Happy Father's Day!

Do you use a water bottle while running? If so, do you like it?
When was the last time you bought a new appliance?
What is your favorite store to shop at?

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