Monday, May 8, 2017

Weekend Happenings

The hubs had a student team competing in San Diego so we drove down there Friday afternoon. Ugh. 6 hours for a 3 1/2 hour trip. That's fun 😝 But we discovered that our fav pizza place has a location right next to our hotel!! Yay! If you're ever in SD you must try Filippi's Pizza Grotto! We got the ham & pineapple and added jalapenos.
And of course we stayed up way too late watching the breaking 2 attempt!

So exciting!!

It made my workout just a little easier the next day thinking about how fast they ran! I love when hotels have nice gyms :) I was in there all by myself and I was able to work out as long as I wanted!

I was on my own for most of Saturday, so I got my nails done (yay!), hit up Chick Fil A for a super food side salad (delish!)

And of course, what would a road trip be without In N Out?

It only took us 3 1/2 hours to get home! But by then it was almost midnight, so sleeping in the next morning was mandatory! I did manage to bake a banana with browned butter icing cake (amaze balls!!)

I was planning on an easy 3-4 mile run just to keep the streak alive (day 50) but I felt pretty good as I set out, so I decided on between 5-6. I stopped at the park to get water and I stepped on a small bottle just wrong and rolled my ankle. I walked a bit on it and it wasn't too bad so I continued my run and finished at 6 miles at a sub 8 average (yay!)

I wrote about some of my favs on Friday and Sunday turned out to be a no-makeup day (finally) and I wasn't totally self conscious!

We finished out the night with family dinner, some living room dancing, and a 1 mile walk. 

What was a highlight from your weekend?
Best eat this weekend?
Where is your favorite place to travel? 

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