Monday, May 1, 2017

Race Update

To say that things did not go as planned would simply be an understatement. The first three miles went great. Then I thought I felt something in my shoe at the end of mile 3 so I stopped, pulled off my shoe and nothing was there. I figured out pretty quickly that I had a blister that ran along the bottom of my big toe as well as the padding on my foot and in between my big toe and my 2nd toe. Ugh. I pushed through for the first half of the race but by mile 8, I decided the only person I was racing against was myself and I was in pain. I'm still not over the chest congestion and that definitely played into it as well.
My cadence was off from normal too. I am almost always right at 180 and my average was 170 for the race. I wonder if it was the hills or just the fact that my foot hurt..? I wore stupid shoes. I haven't done a long run in them but they have been fine for mid-runs, so I thought why not? Haha. Yeah, because they gave me a huge blister. I should have stuck with the Boosts, but I've already worn them for a half marathon and I thought maybe they were wearing down, but honestly, there is so much cushion in those shoes that I don't know what exactly it would take to wear them down. Rookie mistake.

I knew the race would be tough, not just because of being sick, but because of the hills and the warm weather, but I still went into it with a time goal, which in retrospect wasn't a good idea. I wish that I would have gone into it just to have fun. The hubs finished about a minute behind me (he has a strained quad) and we should have just planned to run it together. Oh well. I'm glad I got that one behind me :)

A few good things about the race: my stomach didn't hurt, the course really was beautiful and dare I say a little fun with the rolling hills, the amount of people and course support was awesome, I walked away with 5 Kind bars and probably the same amount of Clif protein bars and Clif nut butter filled bars (I love these!), we got to stay the weekend with our friends who live about 20 minutes from the start line, and my body really isn't sore at all. I ran a 1 mile warm up this morning and then stretched and foam rolled for 20 minutes, which felt wonderful!

I am on day 44 of a run streak. I am pretty excited about that. I only ran a total of 26.5 miles last week and that's with the half marathon, due to being sick, but I made sure to get at least 1 mile in on those days.

So, for the next 4 months, my goals are to make sure that I am strength training at least 3 x's per week and signing up for some 5 and 10k's. I'm trying really hard not to get burnt out, which is especially hard after a bad race; however, I love running and I love the camaraderie it brings. I am also determined to get faster and BQ in my fall marathon. I am signed up for a race in August and it's right when I go back to work after having the summer off. And it's going to be crazy hot. My goal is to HAVE FUN. It will not be a timed goal, but simply a long run :) And I plan to run it with the hubs. The whole way. Just for fun.

What is the worst workout/run you've ever had? 
Do you get burnt out by focusing too much on a single sport/activity?
What is your lunch today? I had a lettuce wrap with garlic hummus, and carrots and guacamole :)

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