Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Mother's Day Weekend + Weekly Running Review

We helped my sis and mom in law move this weekend. We finished Friday night off with some froyo! I'm so glad the kids are old enough that we can steal away for an hour or so to squeeze in a quick date night.

We ran Saturday morning with a few of our running friends and then we headed back to help move but thankfully it was pretty well organized and we were done in time to go and see Guardians of the Galaxy with my mom, sis, and brother in law. We loved it! We rushed home to clean & have cereal for dinner. I can't ever eat a regular dinner after a movie because I consume too much popcorn! I don't usually drink soda or have candy for that matter (I prefer ice cream) but when it comes to the movies, there is nothing better than warm salty popcorn with Hot Tamales in it and a big cherry Diet Coke! The movie was pretty good and it actually held my attention, which kind of says a lot because I tend to doze off during movies 😏

Sunday morning the hubs drove us to a bike path and we ran 5 miles. We saw tons of animals! A roadrunner, tons of baby bunnies, and all different kinds of birds. It was all good until a rat ran across our path!

Then the hubs took me to breakfast and we headed home to prep for our families coming over. We decided to have tacos catered this year and that was a major win, not to mention that we've had leftovers for a few days now too! The hubs also make me a scratch carrot cake. He uses my aunt's recipe and it is just the best ever.

Monday was back to real life with students, parents, and teachers who are pretty much over school at this point. Haha, I don't blame them! I am definitely on countdown until summer!

Running Review:
Monday: 1.2 miles slow :) I was just trying to keep the streak alive because my foot was super duper sore from rolling it! I also ran after going out for Mexican food with the girlfriends to celebrate a bday. Whew, that was interesting.
Tuesday: 1 mile (same) + 30 min of strength/HIIT
Wednesday: 4 miles @ 8:30/mi. - The foot was finally feeling better
Thursday: 3.7 miles @ 8:38/mi with a friend on the bike path. It was super fun to run somewhere new and with a friend that I haven't ran with in over a year.
Friday: 5.1 mi @ 8:27/mi with my friend/co-xc coach :)
Saturday: 4.6 mi of hills @ 8:22/mi with friends.
Sunday: 5.1 mi @ 8:35/mi on the bike path with my hunny. He's still recovering from a quad strain that he got from running sprints with our kids.

Total: 24.7 and a 57 day running streak.

I'm thinking it will be a few more miles this week, especially because my foot is finally feeling good!

What's the best thing you did this weekend? 
What's the best thing you ate?
What is your absolute favorite dessert? 

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