Thursday, April 27, 2017

Thinking Out Loud

I took yesterday off from work because I have a nasty sinus infection. Thankfully, lying around, reading, and resting all day definitely helped me feel a little better. And don't worry, I still ran 3 miles so I kept my run streak up. But boy, did I have to talk myself into that one! Haha, my mileage is way down this week because of being sick, but thankfully I am tapering anyway. Now, I'm just praying that I don't feel like absolute poop during my race on Sunday.

I took B man in for his junior high shots. He was such a stud. He wanted to watch the nurse do his shots and he didn't even so much as flinch.

I came back to work today with an absolutely terrible note from my sub. Ugh. That is the worst. I was pretty ticked off with my students and had planned on making them write essays about respect/responsibility/etc. However, even the good classes complained about the sub and that they weren't allowed to make any noise. So, I can admit when I'm wrong and instead of an essay we had a talk about how hard subbing in different schools is and how sometimes you just need to keep your mouth shut.

The worst part of the day was coughing so hard that I was crying... But the best part of the day came when I checked my email at lunch. I bought plane tickets to Dallas in December to do the RRCA coaching certification class only to find out that I was 20th on the waiting list :( At lunch, I got the email that they opened up a class in Vegas in June and it's not full! I immediately signed up and now my plane ticket in December can be used to visit my bestie!! Woohoo!

What was the last class you took? 
How do you feel about shots?

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