Friday, April 7, 2017

Embarrassing Runner Stuff

We all have stuff that is embarrassing, annoying, makes us a little eccentric, etc. But us runners seems to have embarrassing stuff that we deal with on the daily.

1. Our schedule. Gee, sorry coworker, I can’t go out for drinks after work because a. I have a long run in the morning and b. I need to be in bed by 9pm. Um, movie is at 7:30, oh no! I will be miserable the next day.

2. Eating. I pretty much need to eat all of the time. This isn’t usually a problem, but eating while teaching is annoying but sorry I can hardly manage to scarf down my lunch at 10:40 in the morning without feeling starved by 1pm. It’s also super annoying when we are traveling and I’m hangry by 10am because a. My normal lunchtime is at 10:40 and b. I run a lot and need to fuel a lot.

3. My clothing. I’m sure I’ve embarrassed my kids a few times because honestly running clothes are just the most comfortable clothes and I love to jump into them the minute I get off work and sometimes I don’t even mind hanging out in my sweaty running clothes until after I’ve had time to eat/cool down/check Instagram. My Saturday ritual has become meeting friends for a 7.5 mile loop, then grabbing breakfast and grocery shopping on my way home. It’s only embarrassing when I run into people I know and then I remember what a sweaty, stinky mess I am.

4. (TMI) Bathroom issues. Thankfully not everyone has this problem, but unfortunately I am someone who does. I’m pretty sure the hubs is as used to it as you can possibly get but when the running partners mention that our route needs to include bathrooms, it can get a bit embarrassing. It can also be a bit embarrassing when you are caught by either another runner or sometimes a car squatting behind a bush. But honestly, I’ve determined that squatting is a million times better than a. Going in your pants or b. Feeling absolutely freaking miserable. I have also learned to take off my reflective vest when squatting and to carry a prepacked Always wipe with me at pretty

much all times. I’ve also given these unused (why did I feel the need to point that out??) wipes to friends while running. It happens to the best of us.

5. Sleep. Sleep is a precious commodity and when you are getting up at the crack of dawn, you pretty much feel the need to go to bed when the sun does. I have dosed off many times while my kids are saying their evening prayers or while we are watching our favorite game show before bed. This becomes even more embarrassing when it happens in public. I have fallen asleep in movie theaters. I have slept in my classroom (or car) during lunch at work. I can’t wait for summer when I can run at a normal time :)

And of course we need a few pics. Isn't this the best sunrise ever??

Do you use cartwheel at Target? The hubs got a $19.99 coupon on any C9 item! So I got a new sports bra. It's totally different from anything else I have and I kind of like it :) And yes, that's a fresh, clean, no make up face ;) 

What do you think is the most embarrassing thing that you’ve had to deal with as a runner?
What would be your ideal time of day to workout?

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