Thursday, April 6, 2017

Easter Break Countdown

I think it must almost be Easter break, because I’m all over the place, my kids are all over the place, and my students are all over the place. Oh yeah, and this week is state testing. Good times :) I actually had a student put aluminum foil in my microwave. I think I probably scared him a little, and we’ll just say that he won’t be allowed to use my microwave ever again. Did I mention that I teach 15-17 year olds? Whew. Sometimes I forget that they are that old.

I did manage to make it home yesterday at lunch, and I made a big ‘ol bowl of salad and sat outside because our computer lab that we are testing in was chilly.

Once I went back after lunch, it was 80 degrees in the lab so it was the opposite of chilly. Boo. But yay that I live close enough to drive home at lunch! It felt so good to get out of the lab for a bit.

Did you hear that Wal Mart is now carrying Halo Top?! And what the what, it matched my mint pants perfectly! Have you tried this stuff? Favorite flavors? So far, birthday cake is my fav but I’m super excited to try the salted caramel!

Also, did you hear that Starbucks just released a coconut cold brew? If you try it, tell me how it is!

I finished out my day by the pool because it was a breezy 80 degrees, which is perfect hang out, read, chat with the littles about their day while laying out kind of day.

Wednesday began at 4:30am, I rushed out of the house to make it to our running partner’s house by 5am and I remembered that I didn’t sleep well because my back was extremely sore which made me wonder when I’m supposed to start my period. So I checked. Yesterday. That’s why my back was killing me! I had to stop at a gas station at 4:50 to get supplies, which made me run late. Oy. You would think by 35 I would not forget about stuff like this. Oh well. I made it. My back feels better and now I have an extra supply of tampons (that cost $4 for like 6 of them!!) in my car.

2 ½ days until Easter break!!

Have you ever had your period during a race?
What time of day do you typically work out?

Do you have a favorite run/workout? What makes it your favorite?

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