Wednesday, March 22, 2017


I've had lots of good eats this week!

Promise me that if you're ever in Palm Springs, you have to eat at Sherman's Deli! The hubs and I shared a BBQ brisket sandwich and a piece of carrot cake. It was amazing!!

I learned how to make a poached egg this week! It was so stinking easy! I cracked the egg into a bowl and as soon as my water was at a soft boil I dropped the egg in (nice and easy) and set the timer for 4 minutes and it came out perfect!
Of course I had to make it again, but I love getting vegetables in in the morning, so I toasted an English muffin, added some lettuce and I grilled up some sliced chicken breast and added my poached egg in. So yummy!

My favorite dinner this week was ham and swiss sammies on Hawaiian bread. I added a little bit of spray butter and heated them in the oven at 350 for about 10 minutes and served them alongside a cobb salad.

And lastly, for the one thing that I may avoid for a while, even though it was so yummy! Salted caramel pretzel froyo with Reece's. I had this Saturday night and my stomach hurt all the way into Monday (what the heck??)

Best eats this week? 
What is something that you could eat every day? 
Least favorite food? 

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