Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Tangent Tuesday

The hubs and I just got back from Palm Springs where we attended a technology conference. I definitely learned a ton and walked my booty off between it being located in 5 different hotels/conference center.

We managed to stop at Cafe Rio on the way there. I was super pumped because we don’t have one in town, and let me just say that their tortillas are awesomesauce!

I also asked him lots of dating questions and we listened to Serial Season 2.

Our hotel was eh, so we did a good job of keeping busy. We managed to run both mornings that we were there and we made it home to the muchkins on Friday night. We also had the best sunset while driving back through LA.

Saturday was spent doing NOTHING. It felt amazing to just hang with the kids, swim, play games, and relax. The kitty sure missed us.

Sunday was a different story. One of our running friends hit his 1 year running streak, so he wanted to celebrate with what else? A run! We ran around 8 miles because my IT band started to squeak a little and I was having major tummy issues. We finished out the day with grocery shopping, donuts, church, work, and a family bbq. Whew!

The middle signed up for track (Yipee!!) so we are working up to running two miles without a break. The other two are joining in on this :) Not the track part, but the running part.

I think our running partner has talked us into another 1/2 marathon. SLO Marathon It’ll leave us with about 6 weeks of training. Now, I’m on the search for a good, fast, 6 week plan.

Do you follow a training plan?
What is your favorite weekend activity?
Any races/exciting plans coming up?

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