Monday, March 27, 2017

My Weekend in Pictures

Friday night was dinner and massages with my mama and Mady :)

And yeah, those are lines on my face because I fell asleep while getting a massage

Saturday morning was spent running 7.5 miles of wet, hilly trails that had just a few sheep...

Then the hubs and I hit up a cute little cafe. The baked vegan maple pecan donut was pretty amazing.

We took the kids to see Beauty and the Beast. My eyes may have watered during the Belle and Beast dance scene...

Then family pics and dinner @ Firestore. Everything there is delicious. Mady and I split a salad and I still have leftovers for today!


Sunday started early with a cup of joe

Followed by more hills 

And a waffle as big as my head for breakfast 

Then church, family dinner, and s'mores!

Have a blessed Monday!

What's you favorite treat?
Have you seen Beauty and the Beast? If so, what did you think? 
Favorite movie? 

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