Tuesday, March 7, 2017


During this Lenten season, I am trying to focus on intention and mindfulness in everything that I do. This included taking some of my social media apps off of my phone. It's kind of crazy how not deleting an account, but just taking the app off my phone has deterred me from checking certain things on my phone multiple times a day. Two things that I am working on changing is staying off my phone in the car, not while I'm driving but when the hubs is. It really helps me to focus on those around me and having real conversations! The second thing is to either leave my phone in my bag or put it away as soon as I get home. These little tweaks seem to really help!

Okay, tangents.

My baby girl is turning 13 tomorrow!! What?!
She had a sleepover on Friday night. Today, I'm picking her up early to get her hair trimmed (and maybe even a few highlights!) and tomorrow we are meeting up with Grammie to get our nails done. Thursday will be her family birthday dinner. We like to extend our birthday celebrations around here!

Saturday morning, I had a fantastic solo run (while listening to Run Selfie Repeat) 6 miles @ 8:07. Sunday, I had 10 miles scheduled and barely managed to finish 6 @ 8:50. My legs were lead, my stomach hurt, I was a mess. It happens and I trust the process. I was tired. Hello Friday night sleepover! And my body needed a rest. I took Monday off (did some strength and HIIT) and today's run felt soo much better! All of that to say that it is so crucial to listen to our bodies!

I am racing the Heavenly Half this weekend. This will be (fingers crossed) my first time actually getting to complete this race injury free! 4 years ago, I ran/walked it with a broken hand (less than a week post surgery) and 2 years ago, I was completely out because I tore my plantar fascia.

So, my goals for this race are to:
1. Stay healthy and injury free
2. Have fun
3. Get a PR (it's a downhill course)

The whole family is coming for the race (including my mom) and afterwards we are taking the kids to a movie and then to a concert later that night, so it should be an exciting weekend!

Giving up/adding anything for Lent?
If you have kids, how old are they?
What is the worst running injury you've ever had? 

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