Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Happy Birthday, Sweet Girl!

Today's the day I become a Mama of a teenager. Wow. Exactly 13 years ago, I was hauling up and down stairs helping my sister and her family move and unpack. I vividly remember the hubs taking the day off so that he could go with me to my doctor's appt (I was 6 days over due!) so we took advantage of the time off to go and hang my sister's blinds for her :) Little did we know that my 3 o'clock appt would turn in to my doctor laughing because I was already dilated to a 7 and in active labor but not in any pain.

The hubs and I headed home to pack a bag and grab dinner (a bean burrito) before heading to the hospital. My sweet angel girl was born promptly at 11:03, about 4 hours after getting to the hospital. I was shocked that she had curly black hair (I was bald until I was 2!) She was such a serious baby. She was a deep thinker. She loved food and sleep! Now she loves to read and debate (and sleep and eat!).

Her hair turned out adorable and she was genuinely shocked when I picked her up from school early. I lied and told her she had her yearly doctor's appt and she was not happy! I couldn't keep it up though and she was so excited to get her hair done!
After running hills this morning, we stopped on the way home to get her an apple fritter and we surprised her with that, a turquoise Starbucks cup, and a "Straight Outta 2004" t-shirt. The fact that she understood the shirt perfectly and was thrilled to wear it is just one of the many reasons I love her!

Enjoy your Wednesday!

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