Friday, March 24, 2017

Friday Favs

I did a lot of running with the hubs and littles this week, and this is seriously one of my very favorite things ever! Monday, we jogged a 1/2 mi, walked a 1/2 mile twice; Tuesday we did the same but a different route. It was raining Wednesday so the kids took turns running repeats on the treadmill while I did some strength and core training. Thursday was the best because we ran a mile (8:30 pace) and as long as the kids stayed in front of us with no complaints, they got a double scoop of ice cream from RiteAid and then we walked back home. It was the best!

We finished out the night watching my school's track meet, watching The Flash, and eating pulled pork quesadillas!

My favorite workout this week was Fitness Blender's Advanced Ab Workout. It was definitely a good workout and my abs were sore the next day!

My chicken tortellini soup was pretty awesomesauce this week!

And we got to go to one of my favorite places soon, Monterey! The youngest is doing his state project on Cannery Row, and our former babysitter lives there, and we scored a hotel on the beach for super cheap!

What I'm most looking forward to this weekend: coffee, running with friends, Beauty and the Beast with the fam, a massage with my mama, church, and more family time!

How about you?

What are you most looking forward to this weekend? 
Favorite eats this week? 
Favorite workout this week? 

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