Monday, February 27, 2017

The Weekend in Running (and eating!)

My sis in love watched the kiddos Friday night so the hubs and I could leave super early for our race on Saturday morning. We made pulled pork nachos for everyone before they took off. Just an FYI, in case you don't already know, nachos are not the best meal to eat the night before a race. I knew that on Friday, but they sounded so good! But I most definitely paid for it during our race. I stopped to use 1 of the only 2 porta potties that they had on the course at around mile 7, and I'm pretty sure my stomach hurt even more after stopping. By mile 9 I decided that I just need to keep my head in the current mile, which meant trying to keep it close to an 8:00 minute mile. I also skipped Gu, because I really couldn't stomach anything at that point. 4 of my miles were above an 8:00 (including my bathroom stop one @ 8:43) but overall, I finished at exactly 8:00 min/mi. I ended up catching up with the hubs again around mile 8, but then ended up passing him. He had a pretty rough race and just didn't feel good. He stopped at the same porta potty on the way back and had to wait for over 2 minutes! Craziness.

We ran by a dairy farm (ick!), through neighborhoods, and turned around at a park and ran part of the course on the way back. I always like doing races in new cities, so that was cool. Running by the dairy farm twice was not cool. My IT band/knee held up okay with some KT tape.

After our race, we rushed back to town for the boys' basketball games (their teams both won!) and then our friends came over so we made smoked burgers and roasted veggies. I tried an air fryer on our yam fries and frozen regular fries. The frozen fries turned out well but the roasted yams were much better than the yam fries. I still need to play with it a bit, but I wasn't super impressed.

Sunday morning was homemade crepes with Nutella & sliced bananas and strawberries followed by cleaning. The hubs and I headed out at about 11am to do an easy 3 mile recovery run (@ 8:45/mi.). It was rough to say the least.
We're still smiling because we had just left. Haha. Actually, it did help to loosen up my muscles a bit and we made sure to take a hot bath before bed.

The rest of the day was spent mostly on the couch cuddling with the munchkins (B leaves for camp today!)

My brother from LA, his family, and my cousin drove up for dinner. Roasted veggies, chicken, and apple pie for the win!

Monday will be a quick strength video and an easy 3 miles (still recovery) run after work.
Tues: strength
Wed: 4.5 mi hills
Thurs: speed
Fri: strength
Sat/Sun: 1 longish run since I have another 1/2 on 3/12!

Do you prefer races in town or a destination race?
Worst race?
Do you have to hone in on what you eat before a hard workout/race? 

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