Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Moving, Running, & Valentine's Day

The hubs and I helped him mom move all weekend starting Friday after work. Long story short, it wasn't fun and we were both physically and emotionally drained by the end of the weekend. We committed to helping, with the condition that we would take the time to run and to go to our boys' basketball games, both of which we did!

We managed 4.5 miles of hills on Saturday morning and while we were only planning 9 on Sunday, I had to make a pit stop at around 4.2 and of course the nearest restroom put us at 5 for our turn around point. Sunday's run was gorgeous. Not only was the weather great, we ran with friends, and there is finally water running in the river that goes through our city!

Our boys both played hard and B even made a basket from his knees. Did I mention the kiddo is only 54 inches to begin with?! Ha. It was classic. He also got caught between 2 boys and passed the ball between his legs. That one didn't quite work, but it was hilarious!

After a busy weekend, we decided to take the kids and our niece to Universal Studios. We were a little bummed that she wasn't able to ride some of the bigger rides, but she had a blast nevertheless.
Their giggles are seriously the best!

My 9 year old told me that Valentine's Day is his favorite because I made him chocolate chip heart shaped pancakes and a heart shaped sandwich for lunch. Bless his heart! It is seriously the simple things that stand out. I love making memories with my littles. 

The hubs and I agreed no gifts for Valentine's Day, but he surprised me with a California Starbucks tumbler that I've been eyeing 

And an Albionfit gift card because I've been eyeing this swimsuit . I just didn't want to spend the money and he knew that if he got a gift card, I would have to 💕💕
Now, I just have to make sure that's the one I want, because they have so many adorable suits!

Our Valentine's Day tradition will continue tonight with a little candy for each kiddo and pizza with the whole family. It really is only my favorite because it's all about everyone else!

Do you do anything traditional for Valentine's Day? 
What is your favorite holiday? 
Favorite run/workout this weekend? 

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  1. Nice gifts! I made chocolate chip pancakes today and topped them with yogurt and raspberries. So sweet that the pancakes were one of your son's faves!