Friday, February 17, 2017

Friday Favs!

Happy Friday y'all!

There are currently 30mph winds and crazy rain outside, so no outside run today :) I plan on hitting treadmill and weights after work today. Tomorrow will be 5 miles and breakfast with the girls (yay!) And I'll probably hit a long run on Monday since I don't have work and the weather should be calmed down by then. I still need to officially sign up for the 1/2 marathon on 2/25 and probably find a babysitter since it's an hour and a half away too ;) I've been waiting to see how the knee is holding up. It was great until last week's 10 miler. I've taken it kind of easy this week, so fingers crossed!

My father in law had surgery yesterday (and everything went great!). But I was reminded of how much I hate hospitals, more so for their germs than anything else. I about died when Lukey tried to sit down on the floor. But that brings me to my first Friday Fav!

And what would a hospital waiting room be without fun SnapChat filters? 

I'm digging Ed Sheeran's new songs! 

Minus the hurt knee, I would have to say that Sunday's 10 miles was my favorite run this week!

My favorite eats this week include salted caramel pretzel froyo and this chicken, cream of mushroom, and stuffing mixture, and roasted frozen green beans (who knew?)

Friday nights are typically family nights, so we usually make homemade pizza and either watch a movie/play games or both. I'm thinking tonight might be pizza for the kids and soup/grilled cheese for me because it's stormy and that sounds excellent! B really wants to see Max Steele and I really want to play Catan, so maybe we'll have to do both!

Do you have a specific family night/day? What are your traditions? 
Favorite running song?
Are you an ice cream or cupcake kinda person? 

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