Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Happy Hump Day! I always love Wednesdays because the kids have church tonight and the hubs and I typically take advantage and either go out on a date night or we get food and watch our fav show while the kids are having fun at church. Hopefully tonight that means taco salads and "This Is Us." We just finished Narcos on Netflix so we are looking for a new series on either Netflix or Amazon.

Yesterday started with this workout Full Body Strength training by Body by Amy on YouTube and holy moly I am sore today!

Last night, I had my favorite meal ever! The hubs smoked chicken and I baked sweet potatoes and made fajita veggies. We stuffed our sweet potato with the chicken, shredded cheese, and added a dollop of Greek yogurt = yummo!
I also had Artic Zero ice cream for dessert. This stuff is awesome when you are cutting back on added sugar. It's not the best ice cream per se, but it is a yummy treat :) It's kind of like the Quest Chips, they aren't the best chips, but they are perfect when you are looking for a crunchy treat.
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This morning was more veggie scrambled egg whites and a chicken, spinach, and feta sausage = 39g of protein before 7am! My lunch is at 10:42am and I am usually starving, but not today!

I showed up to work today realizing that I matched my student almost perfectly, which is even more hilarious because he's a 6'5" boy.
So, my alarm went off at 4:20 this morning so that I could get a 3 mile run + abs in and I did not want to get up. The new plan is at least 3 outside miles after work + some strength work with my kiddos. I hate taking time away from them to workout, but I know taking care of myself is necessary and I will make sure to include them in on the strength section :) Actually, a great idea just struck! I will have them ride their bikes with me. Working out isn't about convenience, it's about making it work for you! 

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