Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Tuesday Tangents

My nail guy is on vacation for 2 months! But I lucked out and got the owner to fill in for the appt and I'm quite happy with my Valentine's Day nails.

All of my free time has been used planning the girl's birthday! Eek, less than 40 days until I have a teenager. What?! She wants a pink and gold themed sleepover, which is awesome because I have a friend who has birthday stuff saved for us :) Here's what her invite is going to look like
So far, I'm thinking Dollar Store inflatable mats to lay out on the living room floor. And of course we have to watch 13 Going on 30! I'm also thinking a saran wrap ball with candy mixed inside. And balloons with times on them and game ideas inside of them for the girls to open up at the said times.

Any other fun 13 year old girl sleepover ideas?

Recently, I've been a little obsessed with using cauliflower instead of rice and last night I made fried cauliflower rice and it was delish!
I've also made Spanish rice, alfredo sauce, and mashed potatoes out of cauliflower. Am I missing anything awesome?

Target had an extra 20% off their clearance stuff and I bought 5 shirts for the hubs at an out of town Target but couldn't find anything in my size until I got back home! I got 4 new sports bras (did you know you're supposed to replace these bad boys every 6 months??) and 2 new tops. I spent less than $10 on each item. Yay!

And I swear my bun keeps getting bigger and bigger! It hit the roof of my car this morning!

What is your favorite piece of workout clothing?
What is your favorite brand? Or do you just go for the cheapest (like I do sometimes!)?
Do you wear glasses?

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