Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Tuesday 10

1. I made a checklist for today and it's already 1/2 checked off!

2. My workout was 3 treadmill miles @ 8:17 + 30 min of strength

3. Breakfast was oatmeal + vanilla Vega protein and greens + pecans and 1/2 banana
4. Free Starbucks for the month of January thanks to my cross country kids for this amazing cup!
5. Planning a weekend with my niece in February and we're thinking maybe it'll be a Harry Potter weekend!
6. Also starting to plan our spring break. Is Napa possible with kiddos? 

7. Free Rubios tonight for dinner because they are opening a new restaurant!! 
8. Our new ovens should be installed today, which is crazy exciting because we have been dealing with Sears for over a year now on faulty ovens...
9. Braden figured out the coolest way to use our new weight bench
10. I am planning to finish off the night in my new favorite joggers with my favorite feline. Anyone else crazy exited about the return of "This is Us"??

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