Thursday, January 19, 2017

Thankful Thursday

I am finding the positive today!

1. Rain. I live in Cali and we have been in a drought for some time and we are finally seeing some rain!

2. My running/work out friends. Sometimes, especially lately, it is crazy hard to drag myself out of a nice warm bed, but knowing that someone is waiting for me to show up forces me up and out that door! And by the end of the day, I am so glad that I made the time to work out!

3. Coffee. Especially in my new Disneyland mug.
4. The ability to run. My knee is finally not hurting! I really laid off on running last week (except I walked 15,000-35,000/day at Disney) and I think it has really helped!

5. Dory. She fell off the bed last night and hurt her paw, which just reminded me how much I love her and how much comfort she brings me. I should add that she's another reason why it's so hard to get up in the morning because she likes to snuggle as soon as my alarm goes off.

6. The husband. This man is a good man. Like sometimes (often) I wonder how I was blessed/lucky enough to land this guy. He ran a 1:47 in the Disney race this weekend and this has been my first time cheering and not running and whew that was way more stressful than I thought it would be! He also managed to make it back to the park with us when it opened and stayed until 10:30!

7. My girlfriends. Especially on those rough days and one of them happens to send the perfect text at the perfect time and it fills my heart <3

8. My mama. Not that I didn't love and appreciate her before, but I do even more so after losing my dad. I am so thankful for her and the time I have with her. 

9. My kids and that they still want to hang out with me. I hope that never changes!

10. My job and the fact that I like it most days :) 

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