Thursday, January 26, 2017

Road Trippin

The hubs had a conference at a really cool inn out of town so I decided to tag along and have some 'me' time while he was working.

I downloaded Truly Madly Guilty and we listened to some of it in the car.

We did manage to get up early and run a few miles before he had to head off. I made sure to run back to the local coffee shop and pick up coffee for us. I always love checking out local food/brew/coffee places.

Then I hiked Mount Rubidoux. It was absolutely green and gorgeous and the whole trail was paved so the recent rain wasn't an issue at all. I was impressed.

After a bit of clearance shopping at Target, I got a Thai massage and it was semi-painful but my hip is feeling so much better, so here's to hoping that it helped!

The conference hosted a dinner so we sort of got a free date night

I decided to clean out my purse before heading out and oy! I have a lot of junk in there! I should mention that it's a tiny little purse and I do that on purpose so that I don't carry around too much junk! And really, I left everything except my ear buds and pens. Why do I always collect pens? Oh yeah, because my kids use them and I can never find them!

And of course we had to have In N Out, because that is our official road tripping food!
Today's workout will be after work (unusual for me - but I wanted to sleep in until 5:45!) & I'll probably keep it to about 5-6 miles followed by strength.

What is the weirdest thing in your purse? How often do you clean it out?

Do you have a favorite road trip food/restaurant? 

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