Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Monday Matters

It's not technically Monday, but boy does it fee like one?? We spent the last 3 full days at Disneyland! We surprised the kids Friday night by picking them up for school and shopping at the outlets south of town and then taking them to a semi-fancy restaurant.

The hubs told them we got snowed in so we had to find a hotel. We then drove another hour to Disneyland!

We unloaded our stuff and the kids still didn't know about Disney because they knew that Daddy had a race there on Sunday. But once I took out our Disney lanyards, they figured it out!

We stayed directly across the street and had a Magic Morning first thing on Saturday. We left the park around dinner time on Saturday so that Daddy could rest before his race, but he managed to stay up and at it until about 10pm on Sunday night and Braden and I decided to stay and close down the park.
It was so sweet to have a little date night with the boy. This can be a hard thing to come by when you have 3 kiddos, and especially out of town. 

We managed to get home around 6, unpack the car, eat some cereal, and fly into bed! Usually, I work out anytime we are traveling, and while I could have gotten up at 5am, I chose to sleep and hang with the family. I did manage to walk between 15,000-35,000 steps each day so at least that's something :) But I also ate pretty much whatever my heart desired (french fries, peppermint ice cream, milk duds, etc) That also meant that today is a reset day! I started with 30 min of strength/cardio training and a vegetable egg white scramble. This will be followed by cutting back on simple carbs and added sugar (soda, candy, ice cream, etc).
I don't currently have a race on the schedule, but there is a 1/2 coming up in my city on January 28th, so maybe...

This week's workouts:
Tuesday: Strength & a walk after dinner
Wednesday: 4.5 miles hills
Thursday: 3 miles fast + strength & a walk after dinner 
Friday: 5-6 miles
Saturday: 4-6 miles + breakfast with the girlfriends
Sunday: 8-10 (hopefully with the hubs, his foot is a little swollen after his race and tons of Disney walking miles!)

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