Friday, January 13, 2017

Friday Favs

1. My new Silpada necklace :)
I can wear this thing in the shower, while I'm working out, and it hasn't come off since Wednesday!

2. Doughnut shop nutty caramel. We only have a few of these left so I have been savoring them. I made one the other morning for me and just used the regular stuff for the hubs and he could smell that my coffee was the caramel one. What!?

3. Gel nails. Because they are the best and they last me about 3 weeks. Although Kenny (my nail guy) always gets annoyed that I cut them. But it works and I like them short!

4. My wireless headphones. I actually don't use them very often while I run, because 90% of the time, I am running with other people, and I would rather chat but when I am lifting weights and doing strength, I can listen to music without getting tied up in the cords!

5. Matching shirts! We are surprising our kiddos with Disneyland tickets this weekend, so we'll be wearing Star Wars one day, Neon the next, and new Mickey/Minnie shirts!
The hubs is also running in the Star Wars #lightside Disney race this weekend, so we will definitely come up with some cool signs and cheer him on! I can't wait.

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