Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Race Recap

Usually, I don’t eat before I run. I know it’s not the best habit, but I do run so stinking early and I already have so many stomach issues that I just don’t. Now, if I have a super long run to do, I will get up early and drink coffee and maybe have a ½ banana. I decided to switch things up a little for this race because of all the tummy issues.

The day before, I had steel cut oats with apples slices and cinnamon for breakfast, along with an apple and a banana for a snack. For lunch, I had roasted vegetables and chicken. For a 2nd snack I had an apple and a ½ protein bar. For dinner, I had a bowl from Rubios with shrimp, black beans, brown rice, and avocado. 

The morning of the race, I got up about 2hrs and 45min before the race and drank 20 oz of water and had a ½ of an English muffin and 2 cups of coffee. On the bus to the start line, I had a ½ banana.

 I’m also pretty lax about warming up, but I jogged about 1.5 miles, which really helped because it was 47 degrees and I was planning on wearing shorts and a tank top! 

Gorgeous warm up!

I hit the restroom one more time and we were off at about 7:05. I really didn’t have a plan as far as my pace, I really just wanted to see how I felt and base my run off of that. I also figured that I would try and stay with my run group. One of the guys in my group really wanted to get a sub 1:40, which would be a 5 min course PR for him and I told him that I would see how I felt and try to stick with him.

There are a couple of small rollers the first few miles and I ended up running near a local running group who informed us that they would have donuts around mile 9 for us and they were fun to talk to for a bit. I also ended up running near another girl (which I was so excited about!) She ran cross country in high school and this was her 2nd ½ marathon! I told her that I had 10 years on her, 4 pregnancies, and this was my 20th ½ marathon (crazy!!) There was a fairly large hill at mile 7 and then a photographer right after the hill.

Whew, I was dying a little!

I stayed with the two guys that I had planned to until about mile 9.5 when we hit the second huge hill. It was only about a ½ mile and I could see the top, but it was killer. I kept one guy in my sights and the 2nd guy dropped off. I made it up the hill with about a 9:30 pace. Once I was at the top of the hill and realized that I only have 3.1 left, I opened up quite a bit. I caught up to Jon and we both gave each other a thumbs up and we took off. I passed one female going down the last downhill. The last mile was a bit of a struggle but I looked down and saw my watch and I remember seeing 1:37 and thinking if I wanted to PR I was going to have to fly! 

I managed a 1:39:49, just 2 seconds from Jon, and about 2 min in front of our other running partner. Jon’s wife grabbed my stuff for me so that I could run back and find my husband. He has been running with an injury, so I was fairly concerned but I only made it back about .4 of a mile and he was already there! He finished in 1:47, so a course PR for him too!

I immediately grabbed some food and sucked down a chocolate milk. Ray went over to get our race times and placing printed out and I got 4th overall for females and 1st in my age group! I was beyond excited. I’ve never done that in a large(ish) race like this. I got a pretty cool mug that I would like to try and use every day for as long as I live!

It only took me 5 days to piece this together! I finally felt about 90% during my run on Wednesday, so I’m back to a nice long run this weekend! 

Do you feel like you race better at a small or large race?
Do you have an all time favorite race?
Have you ever won anything?

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Race Day Plans

This weekend has been a celebration of B’s 12th birthday and all things cancer awareness since it’s October and my co-coach is a 3 year breast cancer survivor. Our team and Braden jogged the cancer 5k Saturday morning. And there was some major celebrating going on!

We picked up and prepped our 80lbs of Zaycon 🐔, picked our bibs, got the boys’ haircut, hit Blaze 🍕 for dinner, and then took the fam to the Jeremy Camp concert, which was unbelievable! The man sounds amazing. There is seriously nothing better than watching your babies worship Jesus.

Race prep Sunday:
Up at 4:12 ✅
20 oz water ✅
20 oz coffee ☕️✅
Bible reading ✅
1/2 English muffin ✅
1/2 banana 🍌✅
Music playlist ✅
Earbuds charged ✅
Hat, sunglasses 🕶, extra ponytail holder ✅
Ready for some fun!! ✅

Have a great Sunday y’all!!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Tuesday 10

1. Best run this week: 8:04 ave pace and a few hills 😋

2. Best eats this week: apple nachos

3. Favorite activity: Saturday flag football and ice coffee!

4. Current favorite running shirt

5. Favorite dinner: baked sweet potato with a baked egg.

6. Homemade macarons from a student! He killed it and they were super yummy!

7. Starbucks mugs from a student who didn’t even know I collect these!! I have about 20 now!

8. Hot coffee on cold mornings.

9. Cold coffee on warm fall afternoons.

10. Jeans and a pony tail for work today!

What are you grateful for today?
Favorite fall food/activity?
Any suggestions on a cold brew coffee maker?

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Thursday Thoughts

I coach high school cross country with another girl (she’s been coaching since 2006) and my husband. Ray has coached XC and wrestling on and off since about 2002. All the to say, I am baffled this year. We’ve had so many injuries, grade issues, quitting, etc. it reminds me that running is extremely tough and demanding, but yet can be so rewarding! Heck, there are days when I want to quit before I even get out the door but I just keep going and the reward is always there even on the day of a not so great run! So what do I do? Just keep pushing through. The biggest difference between high school me and me now is mental strength. Now, how do I bottle that up and teach it to my high schoolers? Ha!

In other news, it’s a cut back week on marathon training and I’m half way cutting back because I will need to cut back more than the plan calls for next week because I have a 1/2 marathon on Sunday 10/15. 

Today is long run day with the team (short/mid run for me) so I can pace my varsity girls which is always fun and dinner with my family tonight! I like Thursdays :) 

October is breast cancer awareness month and Coach Nelson is a survivor so we wear lots of pink in October! 

And next week is our “It’s not about me week,” so we’ll each run for a cause or a person without times/music/etc. 

In other news, I’m still working on figuring out my stomach issues while I run. I really don’t want to do an elimination diet, but that might be where I’m headed if I can’t get this figured out :( Truly, a 1st world problem and I’m so thankful for nutrition.

What’s on your Thursday agenda?
Any Thursday thoughts?
Are you training for anything right now? 

Monday, October 2, 2017

October Happy List

Yesterday’s post was a bit of a downer so I’m following it up with a gratitude post! 

Things that make me happy:
-cuddles from Dory, the cat
-cuddles from any of my littles especially now that they aren’t so little anymore
-early morning runs with my sweetie, especially when it’s brisk outside
-a hot shower after said early morning run
-a fridge full of fruits & veggies (and leftovers!)
-dinner with my mama
-sweet potato fries
-our neighbor’s kitties looking through our front door glass
-Odd Mom Out while I run on the treadmill
-dinner already being made before I even get home this afternoon!

What is on your happy list?

Sunday, October 1, 2017

October Goals

It’s October 1st, which means checking in with my monthly goals! August and September were basically survival mode with school starting back up and in ways I’m still sort of in that mode especially teaching extended day, coaching cross country, marathon training, all while being mommy and wifey. I’m going to go easy on myself this month in the goal department! 

1. Continue marathon training and start putting together goals for my race in December.
2. Wipe down my kitchen 3 Nights/week
3. Make my bed each morning
4. Continue devotions and prayers with my kids each night
5. Do something each day for my spiritual life, body health, mental health, and an act of service for someone else.

Happy October!

What are your goals?

Sunday Fun Day

Does anyone else get the Sunday blues? I remember struggling wth this even as a kid. I feel the weight of the entire week on my shoulders come Sunday. It’s the struggle between “rest” and rushing to get ready for the next week. I went back and forth between I should get up and run 8 miles, my legs hurt, my mind will feel better if I run, I’m exhausted... I decided that not running was safer; I’m still talking myself into 1 mile for streak day 197. There are things I love about Sundays: church, family lunch, running, naps. What I don’t look forward to is running behind for church, making lunch or dinner and cleaning up for our entire family, making lunches for the next week. It’s weird but I actually love Mondays because it feels like a fresh start! 

Lukey had his first game of the season on Saturday. They lost but he had fun and played the whole game = winning in my book.

Then naps because we were up super early for our 16 mile run, and the county fair for my boys with their Grammie and Aunt! 

Then a remake of one of our first dates to the Tim and Faith concert.

And some amazing news on Saturday. I get to be a chaperone for our school’s Europe trip in June. Wow. I am beyond grateful and so excited! Bonus, one of my favorite moms will be there too. She’ll keep it more exciting than the students, ha! 

Here’s to a new, fresh start on Monday morning and I’m off to do my 1 (super slow) mile!

Friday, September 29, 2017

Friday Friday

Whew, to say the last 7 weeks have been busy would definitely be an understatement! Deciding to traing for a BQ at the same time as going back to work after the summer and coaching cross country alongside the hubs was nuts! So fun, but nuts!

I’m on week 7 of marathon training and will close out the week at 58 miles. I’m doing well at adding in speed, mileage, and hill workouts. I’ve also already planned my post marathon meal :) I’ll be in Waco the weekend after my marathon so I will definitely have some Blue Bell ice cream and Freebirds!!

I, unfortunately am back to eating gluten free and cutting out added sugar because my stomach cannot hang, which was really impacting my running. I had a pity party filled with gluten and sugary delishness on Sunday and my stomach hurt so bad I haven’t wanted to touch the stuff since!

Tomorrow will be 16 miles, the longest so far in this cycle, a football game for the youngest and then date night to the Faith Hill and Tim McGraw concert! I can’t wait 😍 Here’s what I’ll be wearing, the hubs not so much!
LOL, this was Western Day at school for spirit week!

Any favorite gluten free recipes?
What’s the last concert you were at? Favorite mid-run fuel?

Monday, August 21, 2017

Monday Musings & Goals

The weekend went by so fast! Friday night was a Costco visit, ice cream with the friends, and ham & swiss sliders (the kids' fav!). We try and do a little mini celebration for the 1st week of school. I'm also trying to make the easiest possible meals ever for the upcoming weeks until we are a bit more adjusted to our school/work schedules.

Saturday was 8 miles of trails and hills with about 1/2 the xc team for an optional practice 😊

My sweet guy then came home to change my cracked headlight and put a basket on Betsy (the scooter).

This probably sounds easier than it actually was! The previous owners dropped the scooter and cracked several parts/panels on her and also drilled 2 holes incorrectly for a basket so there was lots of finagling going on. Bless him.

Sunday was 12 long/slow miles (ran 1 min/mi slower than marathon goal pace), church, and family dinner.

I definitely slacked on food pictures this weekend! The hubs smoked a tri-tip (and chicken for me and meal prepping!). We also had asparagus, salad, french bread, and mac n cheese (I added truffle salt to my and holy yum!!).

The hubs and I are going to be helping in a high school Sunday school class and this feels like such an answer to prayer. Have you ever felt like you're doing exactly what you were called/are supposed to do? I felt a great amount of peace in that room with those students and that is a huge answer to prayer! Second huge answer to prayer this weekend. I took Luke by the mail box to drop off some letters and I threw the letters and my wallet into my cute, new little basket. And then we drove out and around our neighborhood, probably close to 5 miles round trip. I got home and realized my wallet was gone! I immediately prayed that I would either find my wallet or the person who did would kindly return it. I made it almost all the way home but saw it in the middle of the road that last stretch!! What are the chances? So, only heavy items in the basket from now on!!

Goals for this week?
-In bed before 9 every night! Plan: No TV after the kids go to bed
-Rather than focusing on mileage, I want to focus more on really listening to my body this week. Plan: look over my plan each night and take a few notes on the day to determine what I need to do for the next morning.
-Work on making my easy days easy and my hard days hard (tempo, speed, etc).
-No spend week. Plan: only buying fresh groceries at the end of the week and working on cooking out of the pantry with 1 eat out day (Wednesday bc church at 5:45 🙃).

What is an easy go to meal that you have in your arsenal?
What's 1 goal you have for the week?
What's the best thing you did/ate this weekend?

Saturday, August 19, 2017

1st Week Done & Race Pics

Whew. We survived! I'm always reminded why I love teaching when I go back to work (my students). What I don't love is dashing to the restroom between classes, stuffing food in my face in record time during my lunch break, and being 'on' all day.

I asked my kids whether they had a good, bad, or middle week. They all said "middle." I think this getting back into a schedule/routine is a little rough on all of us! Especially because not only did we jump back into school, teaching, but AWANA is starting back up and cross country is in full swing! Thankfully we practice in the morning on Friday, so it's only 4 days after school and I run on Sat anyway, so now I'll just run with my team on Saturdays 😊

The obligatory 1st day pic, the husband and I should really start taking one of ourselves too. Although, it might be kind of sad to watch the school year age us 🤣

And how we all really felt the 1st day of school!

And then like this after school

I got to see our official race pics from last weekend. Whew, these may be the only ones that we don't look like we're dying in 😂😂

And seriously, how is the hubs even smiling?? He was probably laughing at me being such a baby!

The 1st week of marathon training is off to a good start. The only thing I have cut out so far were 2 strides on Thursday. It just wasn't happening in the 93 degree heat 🙃

Monday: 6 mi (easy) in the am and about 3 with the team in the afternoon.
Tuesday: 2 mi wu, 20 min tempo, 1.5 mi cd
Wednesday: 5 mi easy
Thursday: 5 easy(ish) mi in 93 degree temp
Fri: 1 quick mi (for the streak)
Day 1️⃣5️⃣3️⃣!

Getting ready for:
Sat: 7-8 mi with the team
Sun: 10-12 mi easy-steady w/ 4 strides at the end

How many rest days do you take?
Do you use a gps watch? If so, which one and why do you love/hate it?
What's the best thing you have going on this weekend?

Monday, August 14, 2017

1st Day & Racing

Today is my first fill day back at work after summer break and my alarm went off at 4:50am. Whew. And of course I woke up at 4:20 to use the restroom. Why?! I did have a pretty legit hair day though 😊

Today is also the 1st day of marathon training and I'm trying a new plan. I was looking for something that would build in a rest day, 2 speed days, and some tempo built in to my long run days. So far so good and week one will finish off with 38-42 miles. I also like a plan that gives me a bit of flexibility.

I have been running about 35-38 miles/week working on building a base and half way training for a 1/2 marathon that I ran this last Saturday.

I wasn't necassarily working on a specific time goal, it was more like finish and don't die 😜 Seriously, this thing was filled with gnarly hills and heat and to top it off, the hubs forgot his phone so I agreed to go without music. Running it without music allowed us to chat and stick together which definitely gave it a different twist and allowed us to relax a bit and just focus on having fun and getting it done.

My kiddos start their school tomorrow so tonight we did our annual tradition of a treat and goal talk.

We went around the table and each of us discussed 1 non-academic goal and 1 academic goal. I love starting our school year off like this.

I feel like I've forgotten how we managed to get everything done last year! We have to leave our house the first 3 days at 6:45am! What?! And one of those days the hubs and I have morning practice at 5:30-6:15. And did I mention marathon training? Baby steps. Baby steps.

Any tips for getting the kids off to school?
Do you make school lunches? The kids?
Anyone have to leave earlier than me?

Wednesday, August 9, 2017


We've been home for about 2 weeks now, so I've really been focusing on trying to get back to normal eating, which is basically less "fun" food and more veggies ;) I cannot just eat a salad each and every day, although sometimes I love a good salad!

The hubs and I rode our scooter and motorcycle for date night and he had nachos bigger than his head!

LOL, they are even more special because they are on the secret menu! I did actually order a salad with extra grilled veggies, but the hubs definitely needed help finishing his nachos 😉

I did not actually eat this, but the guy next to me at Costco was...

I cannot even...

I've been throwing a bit of teriyaki sauce on leftover veggies and then throwing that on rice noodles for lunch. It's so good and it feels like a real meal as opposed to a sandwich. Which again, I like sometimes, but not every single day.

My bff dropped off some treats the other night. She definitely knows the way to my heart!

I haven't tried the Oreos yet, double stuft are my jam though! And these are my favorite Halo Top flavors: sea salt caramel, and chocolate chip cookie dough.

I am preparing to go back to work next week and as much as I do enjoy meal planning and cooking (no sarcasm here, I really do) I have just not felt like cooking AT ALL this week. What the heck? Hopefully I get over this real quick, especially because I am hosting a pasta feed before our 1/2 marathon on Saturday.

What is your go to Costco/Sam's dinner? I usually share a chicken wrap from their deli with the girl or the hubs (so good!).

What is your standard go to lunch? Favorite lunch?

Best meal/veggie/dessert this week?

Friday, August 4, 2017

Friday Favorites

Let's start with eats!

My favorite meal lately has been tex mex fajitas. So good! I've used both steak and chicken and they are both delish! I also served them on Tortilla Land tortillas. These are amazing and there are only 5 ingredients!

Besides fruit, my next favorite snakhas been RX Bars. My fav right now is the chocolate sea salt. I think my body is craving salt because of the heat and humidity!

My favorite treat has been iced coffee and coconut milk!

It's so good, I didn't even have to add sweetener!

I've been eyeing a shower wrap at Target and I gave in this week. I've used it every day since!

I don't like to get dressed right after I shower because it's too hot and a towel never stays wrapped around me when I am doing my hair/makeup and this works awesome!

I also discovered NYX HD concealer and I feel like it's helping my dark under eyes. Best part is that it's under $4 at Target!!

Haha, sorry for the closeup, but you get the idea!

For running, I am still using the heck out of my Oiselle visor
And I got a Runningluv glove and it has worked nicely for wiping off the massive amount of sweat that usually drips into my eyes!

I need your help! What is your favorite t-shirt bra? I usually wear Victoria's Secret, but I feel like there's probably something cheaper that works just as well.

What are your favorite eats/products this week?

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Shoe Reviews and Movies!

Happy Thursday! I started the day with 6 miles, picking up meat (Zaycon - try it!!), setting up a circuit workout for my xc runners, getting the car washed, and hitting the grocery store all by 11am! Did I mention that I had to wash my car because the neighbor's cat got stuck in my locked garage and pooped on my car!! What?! Fun stuff. Poor guy was screaming when I got my coffee at 5am this morning!

I am super lucky in that I get to run in shoes that my friend/running partner/guru/life goal kinda guy writes reviews for. I have exactly 16 pairs of running shoes right now and just sat down to give a brief rundown of my favorites :)

My top 5:
1. Skechers Go Run 5 - light but super sturdy and durable.

2. Nike Vaporfly - great rebound and cushiony without being mushy.

3. Under Armour Threadborne Fortis - breathable and sturdy, and let's be honest, so so cute!

4. Adidas Boosts - you can tell these are well loved. They are a great marathon shoe and can take a beating. They are well cushioned and durable.

5. As chagrined as I am to admit this, I am digging the Hoka Cliftons. I haven't done anything too high in mileage in them because they are a totally different shoe than what I am used to, but they have such a nice cushion and rebound.

We took the kids to see Despicable Me 3 and it was super cute and I actually stayed awake! The showtime we planned for was cancelled due to projection issues, so we took the kids for ice cream at Riteaid and then we made sure to have a huge popcorn

I love popcorn. Not at home though, just at the movies!

Tonight is date night with the hubs so that means a local Mexican place and froyo on my scooter ✌🏼

What's your favorite date night event?
Popcorn: yes or no? How do you like it? Salt? Butter? I love to eat it salted with hot tamales!
What's your all time favorite running/workout shoe?

Saturday, July 29, 2017


The hubs and I have had our eyes out for a scooter for me for a while. Ray drives a Honda Shadow Phantom and as much as I love being on the back, there's no way I would feel comfortable driving it. However, a scooter is perfect! So, we found a 2008 Genuine Buddy 150 with 900 miles on her. Her owner lives 2 hours away but met us an hour away and we got her!

Ray was sweet enough to drive her home in the 100+ degree weather! Also, she tops out at 70mph so I followed him in the car as he drove about 55-60mph. Bless him!

I took my motorcycle permit test on Friday and score, I passed! 3 things I was unaware of though: I would also have to take a renewal test for my class C license; even though it's only a permit, I would have to take my picture; I would also have to retake the vision test.

Thank goodness I looked over the laws and regulations and I only missed 1 on the renewal test! Of course I didn't have a lick of makeup on and my hair was still wet for my picture. LOL, at least my eyebrows looked awesome (microblading)!

Good news though, they removed my corrective lenses on my license because I forgot my glasses and I barely passed the vision test!!

She is pretty stinking cute! My papa and dad had a baby truck named Betsy, so it's only fitting to carry on the tradition, so I introduce you to Betsy.

Now for my driving test 😅 I'm planning on driving to the DMV when they are closed and practicing on their course. I basically have to drive zig zag through cones and then a circle without my tires leaving the inside of the circle and then back through both parts of the course. Fun stuff!!

Today will be a hilly run, grocery shopping, pool time, and hopefully some scooter riding!

What's your Saturday plans?
Ever ride a motorcyle or scooter? Love it? Hate it?