Monday, September 26, 2016

Monday Matters

Mondays are actually one of my favorite days. It’s like a magical reset button and I get to choose how my week will go. Yesterday was a tough day for me because my foot is giving me issues and I have a half marathon scheduled in 2 weeks and a full marathon in 7 weeks. The longest I’ve ran for this training cycle is 16 miles. Saturday felt eh, but about 5 miles into the run yesterday my foot felt like it was on fire. Yesterday was filled with worry and sadness as I don’t want my training to go down the train.

However, on my way to work this morning I thought of a friend who is training for the same marathon and his achilles was pretty swollen about 3 weeks ago and he did an 18 mile training run this weekend, so I know there is hope. In the meantime, I don’t plan on running today or tomorrow, I would like to try on Wednesday depending on how the foot is holding up. I am also icing and elevating every chance I get. 

I know that not running is not the worst thing that could happen. I can focus on my diet and strength training, both of which I’ve lost a little bit of sight on while marathon training. I also have an awesome bike that I can use to bike alongside my xc team. I have so many things to be grateful for, including my health. I am still able to do many things outside of running.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Suddenly Saturday

This month is seriously flying by! Between coaching, teaching, wife-ing, mom-ing, and marathon training, it's been crazy busy!

There's been a Carrie Underwood concert, a fall, some tendon issues, a few medals for my runners, some good reports from my kids’ teachers, lots of morning practices, and football games.

Now I'm just trying to baby the foot and get it healthy! I made an appt with the podiatrist but he can't see me until 10/18, so hopefully by then I'm as good as new and can cancel the appt!

I managed 29 miles this week and an hour of pool running.

I managed 10 this morning before the kiddos got up.

I have 8-10 on the agenda for Sunday morning depending on how the foot is holding up. I'm currently using a ten’s unit to run some electricity through it. Hopefully it'll over stimulate that messy tendon. I also had a massage today and he worked on trying to align my hips because they were wacky. I about flew off the table when he massaged my IT bands. My biggest goal is to try and stay as healthy as possible for the ½ in two weeks and the full in 7!
Happy Saturday and fall y'all!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

A few random things

Last Sunday we ran 15 miles at the beach. It was amazing!
We came home Monday and ran hills with the team. 
The kids each did 2 repeats for a total of a mile. I did 8 + 1 to check the distance and hubs did 9 so he could push the straggling kiddos!

Then off to a conference.
7 treadmill miles because that's what was available :)

Wednesday was hills and another xc meet. 
Thursday was something else! It was our team long run day and it was 97 degrees. I barely made it. It was horrible. Maybe my worst run ever. Like overheating, tummy, I cannot do this issues. I tried to stretch afterwards and when I went to bear weight on my right foot, it refused. So, I called my coach/shoe guy and he hit me up with some exercises so I took Friday off and Saturday (sort of) because the kiddos had another race at the beach and I'm sure I ran at least 4 miles trying to cheer them on at several different spots. The sand killed them but it was an awesome, fun, bonding day! 
And I took Mady girl with me because I hadn't seen her face all week and I needed some major girl time!
12 slow miles this morning followed by this, naps, and football! I love when 12 miles feels easy. Whew!

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Saturday Summary

Recap of the week: xc parent meeting Monday, home at 9. Tuesday, back to school night for Mady. Wednesday, out of town xc meet. Thursday, bday dinner for our friend and visiting a student in the hospital. Friday, packing and driving 2 hours to the coast. 

50 runners at Freebirds! They inhaled burritos like you wouldn't believe!

I found this at the grocery store and it was darn delicious!

And this quote is the best!

Needless to say, it was a busy week! I definitely stress are this week and my tummy paid for it! I skipped hills on Wednesdya because I didn't want to run with other peeps when my stomach was pretty much out of control. I know the key is less gluten and sugar. Now, I just have to adhere to that a little more. 

38.77 miles total for the week 
Sunday and Saturday were beach runs and tomorrow will be the same! I would take hills and beach over the hot valley any freaking day! 15 miles tomorrow! My longest run yet for this training cycle.