Monday, June 20, 2016

Day 2: Athens

The day started with very strange sleep. It's like my body only wants to sleep in bursts, like tonight for example. Pure exhaustion at 8pm, sleep until midnight then awake until 2, sleep until 3:30, etc. 

Anyway, breakfast was a protein bar on the run as we were heading back to the acropolis so that we could explore Ancient Agora and the Temple of Zues. 
We were on the hunt for drip coffee; there are coffee shops everywhere but they only serve espresso, Cappucino, or instant coffee. I've never been happier to find a Starbucks (and it was 3 stories tall!)

I've never seen so many bakeries, gelato places, and coffee shops. Gelato is beautiful! I had peanut butter today with huge chunks of pb cups served in a waffle cone.

Next, we headed to Hadrian's Library and Agora.
This was taken in the Holy Apostles Church in Agora. I can't believe that we could walk through it! 

We also went into the Acropolis Museum and for 3 euro, it was worth it for the views and air conditioning! 
Next was the Temple of Zues
Then back into the city for Greek Pizza and shopping. 

Then wine tasting and people watching for a bit 
Our bakery finds
We picked up a spinach cheese pie for the hubs to take back for dinner and after walking around for a bit by our hotel decided to stop in and get tzatziki, fresh pita, and roasted veggies to share. 
This meal made me very happy, even the roasted egg plant which I usually don't like :)

Day 3, we check into our cruise!

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Traveling from LAX to Athens

We began our anniversary celebration on Friday morning with a coffee date and pedicures. We had a quick lunch with the kiddos and Luke's new Minecraft game came in the mail, so they were quite distracted when we left, which was a blessing!
Then we headed to LA and tried a tapas place called Bacari PDR. We got a shrimp stuffed mushroom tower, wild mushroom pizza and this amazing truffle mac n cheese.
We finished off the night with Yogurtland!

We started Saturday with a 1:15am wake up call for a 7 mile treadmill run and strength in the hote gym! Then we headed off to the airport for our 6:20 flight. The flight went off without a hitch, we landed in Philly around 2:30 and got lunch, a delicious burrito bowl with spinach, black beans, roasted veggies, chicken, and chips and guac. It was maybe the best airport food I've had! Then after a quick layover, we were in for the big 9 hour flight into Athens. They fed us twice and I managed to get about 4-5 hours of sleep.

Sunrise over Athens

We rode public transportation for about an hour to our hotel. We made it at around 11am and grabbed a gyro, some kebabs, and tzatziki for lunch and of course gelato!
Thankfully we crashed for about 2 1/2 hours and were able to take showers because it was 102 with 100% humidity.

Then we headed to the metro station and went to downtown Athens and the Acropolis. 
We ate dinner around 8pm downtown and shared a Greek variety plate of Moussaka, baked spaghetti, cheese and spinach pie, and a fried zucchini ball.
The Moussaka with b├ęchamel was awesomesauce! So far that, along with tzatziki and gelato have been my favs! 

Day 2 in Athens. I'm wide awake at 4am and starving! Today will mostly be museums and hopefully more gelato and perhaps a scooter rental!

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Run streak!

Hubs and I decided to do a run streak for the month of June to July 4th. I didn't think about us traveling abroad and being on a plane for 15 hours, so I'm going to have to think about how we're going to finagle this. So far, so good though! This morning we had 10 miles scheduled but the hills and deep tissue massage yesterday killed us, so today became 2 easy miles :)
Our first week off has been filled with a few meetings, the kids have summer school from 8-12, making a packing list, searching for passports (eek!), and afternoons by the pool. Not a shabby start! 

And I made sure to squeeze in a hair appointment but of course it ended up in a messy bun the very same day!

We are celebrating Father's Day early so the hubs got an outdoor fridge from me and the kids. He's pretty excited to use it as he smokes some tri tip tomorrow! 
I tried on a bunch of dresses from 7-10 years ago last night in preparation for packing (fancy nights on the cruise!) and it was fairly hysterical. Sorry, no pics from that. LOL.

We finished up some last minute trip shopping for sunscreen, makeup wipes, and this amazing hat!
And here are my 2 favorite eats from this week: spinach with chicken, strawberries, blackberries, grapes, cottage cheese, and mango salsa.
And pb and banana stuffed and rolled French toast
And an honorable mention to the coconut chocolate caramel macaroon and hazelnut (amazing!!) coffee from De Coeur. I wish I would have snapped a pic because it was beautiful. Here's a stock photo and they seriously taste as good as they look!
What's the best food you had this week?

Happy weekend y'all! 

Friday, June 3, 2016

Last day of school!!

I'm celebrating by getting sick :( Boo! Mady is down for the count and we literally drug her out of bed @ noon today. My sinuses felt a little eh this morning so I took some immunity shot. I'll use this 6 times today and probably tomorrow and pray!
Graduation was last night. 102 y'all. 1-0-freaking 2!! Once the sun went down, it was bearable but while standing when the graduates were walking in, I had so much sweat dripping down my body that it felt like I was peeing. Ick.
I only had one class today so I was home by 10am! Therefore, I decided to hit up the treadmill for my run. I caught up on RHONY and some Flip or Flop and managed to go 7.2 miles before my treadmill decided to completely short out on me during some strides. Eek. I reset the breaker and finished another 3, but kept my strides at 9mph instead of 9.3. It does this to the hubs all the time. I guess it's truly time to shop for a new treadmill. I have sort of grown personally attached to this one though.
10 sweaty treadmill miles = boob sweat and chafing. Fun.

After showering for the 2nd time today, I am on my way to get this 
Tomorrow will be spent doing a long run bright and early because it's supposed to be 108!! Eek.