Saturday, December 10, 2016

So Much!!

It's been awhile since I've blogged so I have so much to talk about! 

I signed up with the hubs for CIM next year on 12/3!

I am still planning on running the Redding Marathon 1/15 but I am having some knee issues that I am hoping to work through!

The holidays are here! We made cinnamon rolls for our neighbors, and kept an extra pan for Christmas morning and tested out a shortbread/sugar cookie recipe that turned out awesome! We’ll make cookies again with the niece and nephew on Christmas Eve.

I totally got spoiled by our runners and their parents at the sports award banquet: an awesome XC wreath, movie gift cards, a coach’s hat (in hot pink and gold!), an ornament, a necklace, and maybe my favorite - a Starbucks cup that gets free refills for the entire month of January!

Running: last week was 26 miles, still recovering somewhat. This week will end up being around 42.5 if I can get through an easy 10k today. Thursday, I ran during my prep period after working through my lunch and it was awesome! The weather was perfect. I was on dirt, it felt great. 

Friday was a different story. I have had an achy knee most of the week after running hills (hard) on Sunday. Yesterday started out achy and by mile 3 was painful. By mile 4 I was crying and could barely jog so my lovely husband sprinted home and met me at mile 5. I jogged a little more because I was freezing. Over the last 5 years, I've only had to stop mid-run 4 times. Wish me luck today!

Weekend plans include: date night with the hubs on Friday night, basket deliveries for the church on Saturday, more cookie or gingerbread making (haven't decided which yet), church, and grocery shopping.

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