Tuesday, December 27, 2016

No More Christmas

Christmas is officially cleaned up and put away! We are one day later than usual because Luke and I have a nasty cold. 

No running yesterday or today (so far) but 6 miles on Christmas Eve and 4 miles on Christmas. I had a deep tissue massage on Christmas Eve and my knee seems to be tolerating running a little more so fingers crossed!! 

Some goals/thoughts for the last week of 2016:
-sugar detox for 7 days. Ultimately I would like to make it 30 days but I am starting with something small and attainable. I talked my sister into joining me and being my accountability partner! More than anything, I just want to feel better!

-date with each of my littles this week (and the hubs too!)
-stretching each night
-tucking my babes into bed each night
-starting my day in the word

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