Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Tangent Tuesday

I am officially on break with the family until 9/28!! Thankfully the hubs is feeling better, so after a treadmill run of 8 miles (thanks rain!) we walked to and from lunch (1 mile each way), did some shopping, played a new board game, took Mady to the orthodontist, made nachos, and caught up on our Super Hero TV shows.

French toast for them, egg and butternut squash for me, and beans for nachos :)
Speak Out fun!

While I don't love treadmill running, I am so thankful to have one and it's great to do speed on. Plus, I don't even have to wear an actual shirt! I finished the NY Housewives and listened to Amy Schumer’s book. I haven't been into music while running at all lately, weird!

We also let Wall-E inside for a few minutes. He's technically the neighbor’s cat but hangs out here about 75% of the time.

One of these things is definitely not like the others. I could feel it while on the treadmill, which is a bit annoying but could definitely be worse! 

More vacation plans today: trail run with friends, nails with Mady (skipping a pedi today!), baking, and going to see Fantastic Beasts! 

My sleep has been off this week :( Between Ray and the cat… hopefully tonight will be awesome because we are hitting up Magic Mountain tomorrow!

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