Monday, November 21, 2016


I only jogged a tiny bit on Monday, Thursday, and Saturday. Monday was a 1.5 mile warm up with my XC kids and Thursday was chasing them around on the course to cheer them on for a total of 5 miles. Saturday was for the Shoe Mann’s bday, 6.1 miles for 61! It was also my Mama's birthday, so we headed to LA for lunch and shopping after.

My toe feels almost normal. My legs were a tad bit tight on Saturday but definitely nothing crazy. 

I had 8 on the docket for Sunday but the hubs was sick and didn't sleep well so I decided to stay in bed and cuddle and make him soup!

Shooting for 10 on Monday, I'm just hoping the rain stays at bay until after we run.

We’ve officially decided that the Redding Marathon is our next marathon in less than 8 weeks. That should be enough time to heal up and rebuild for the next run. We are planning on following the Hanson’s method, reaching no more than 16 miles for our long run. It's what my coach suggested especially since I recently have 26 under my belt and the biggest concern (esp for me) now is injury. 

So, a few things that will be different going into this:

Running 5 times each week, not 6
Trying to fuel more naturally
Eating clean/Paleo 95% of the time
I'm not about diets at all, but I gained about 5-10 lbs during this round of training (due to eating more, but also to bad food choices) and I feel like it not only hurt my performance, but I had tummy issues as well 
Strength training twice a week
Running at least once a week with a running group

Now, for Thanksgiving week! We (my crew of 5) are off this week!! The plan is grocery shopping, orthodontist, baking, movie watching, Magic Mountain, pie run, Christmas decorating, watching Gilmore Girls, and lunch at my seeester’s! Yay! Thanksgiving is my favorite! 

Eating clean on Thanksgiving is not impossible! 
Smoked turkey
Roasted brussel sprouts and sweet potatoes
Pumpkin bars with whole wheat flour, apple sauce, and stevia

Honestly, the best part about Thanksgiving is our walk after lunch and playing board games with everyone!

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