Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Marathon Update/Review

I ran my first marathon in 2012. It has been 4 years since I’ve ran 26.2 miles. It’s kind of like child birth. You know it’s painful but you forget a lot of that pain over time. Sunday, I was reminded yet again that running a marathon is a lot like childbirth.

Let’s start with the day before. I got up early, drank coffee, and did an easy 3.75 mile run with friends. It felt great to shake out the legs and to run with friends. I had a big bowl of oatmeal with vanilla protein powder and a banana. My boys each had a football game and then we headed to the race expo at Buck Owen’s Crystal Palace. The expo was well organized and we got lots of free samples and a $20 Lululemon gift card! We even got free lunch because someone from Fit Pantry was handing out steak and egg burritos. 

The rest of the day was spent playing board games and relaxing. I had a baked sweet potato, smoked chicken with a bit of greek yogurt, cheese, and avocado, and a little bit of brown rice = carbo loading at its finest! I also had a bit of Artic Zero ice cream. I was in bed by 7:45 and asleep before 8:30. 

My alarm went off the next morning at 4:25 and I was up eating a ½ pb&j sandwich and a cup of coffee. On the way to the race, I ate my banana and took a Gu 15 minutes before the start. I decided to stick with the 3:38 pacer and to feel it out and take off after the hills if I felt good. I was pumped and ready to go… And then the race was delayed. I decided to run to the restroom for one last stop… And then it was still delayed. We ended up being delayed one hour and ten minutes because a car drove on the course and got into a terrible accident. Luckily, he walked away from the accident, but boo that it threw everyone so off course!

The first 13 miles felt great. I felt like our pacer may have gone out too fast because I had a few sub 8:00 miles. I did the first half in 1:44, which felt too fast because my ½ PR is 1:40. 

My mom, sis, BFF, and kids were at the beginning of the hills and it felt so great to see them! I hit the hills around mile 13 and by mile 16.5, I started to struggle a little. I got to see my family again at mile 16.
 By mile 18 I had cotton mouth and by mile 20, I felt like hell.
 Mile 19 was an 8:05 and mile 20 was 9:57. This is the point that I lost my pacer. My family met me again at mile 23 and I could barely control my emotions at this point. I really started to question whether I could get through the last 3 miles. 
By mile 24, my legs started to cramp up. I saw my xc team at mile 25.5 and they cheered me in. Thank goodness for them, because they forced me to not stop! I don’t know if I’ve ever been so grateful to see a finish line. I didn’t make my time goal but I did PR and I didn’t stop! I finished in 3:51:09.

My mother in law met me at the finish line with water. Mady girl met me as well and I laid my head on her chest and let the tears fall. I decided to take a salt tab with water because I was barely able to talk because I was dehydrated. I was able to go back and cheer on the hubs who made it in at 4:00:30! Thankfully, there was a chiropractor, who also happened to be a former runner’s dad, and he was able to stretch out my legs really well. 
I later found out that our pacer did not make her time by 9 minutes. No one that I ran into and/or trained with had a good race. I think the delay and heat really put people off. 

I made sure to go home and ice (sat in my pool) and my legs felt pretty good! My second toe on my right foot is not feeling so great.
 Hopefully the nail comes off quickly so there isn’t as much pressure. 

I refueled with Chinese food and ice cream! 
I managed a 1.25 mile jog and a nice long walk on Monday. 

The next big question is whether to continue to train and try and BQ this winter or to take a step back, regroup, and then try again next fall. I’m honestly leaning towards continuing to train so I don’t have to start from square one next year.

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