Sunday, November 6, 2016

Marathon Thoughts

It finally feels like fall!! 

Last Sunday we ran 14.75 instead of 13 (whoops!) and about 5 miles were in the rain, which was fun and felt good! We actually ran part of our marathon course, which included about 3 miles of hills. Everything felt pretty good until I realized I had a huge blister from my soggy shoes :( 

Trick or Treating on Monday.

Candy + movies on Friday and tomorrow we donate leftover candy!

My kiddos had an XC meet yesterday and I finally had to wear a sweatshirt. It was such a weird day: delayed races, 3 false starts, 1 of our girls went down and had to go to the hospital. Thursday is their last league meet and I’m hoping we used this race to work all of the weirdness out!

Only one week to our marathon!! 

Part of me is super excited (mostly to have it done); part of me is freaking out because you know 26.2 miles; and a large part of me is just scared. I have some pretty hefty goals and I need to get out of my head!

Happy Sunday!