Saturday, October 1, 2016

Wild Friday Nights!

My run week has gone much better than expected! I think I've nailed down the culprit of my sore foot, new shoes! I've actually worn them for a few times and I did my 16 mile run in them. I put them on for morning XC practice and even though my foot felt good, the shoe started to hurt my foot right away, so now they belong to my daughter! How is my 12 year old wearing my shoes?

In other news, you're welcome. This stuff is amazing.

I decided I'm not going to eat any processed sugar before my half marathon next weekend. It always jacks up my stomach, so I'm going to try this out and see how my body responds. In the meantime, I'm craving watermelon, grapes, and roasted veggies (every day!) 

We’ve been sort of meal prepping. The hubs usually smokes chicken on Mondays and then we eat leftovers for lunch pretty much every day. This week is more planned out. Roasted chicken (Costco because they are huge!), homemade broccoli salad with cashews, raisins, and a lite Asian dressing, and roasted veggies. 

Friday was spent at the chiropractor (he adjusted both of my feet!), grocery shopping, eating at Costco (½ Asian wrap & ½ chicken Caesar salad with no dressing/cheese/croutons), and watching Stranger Things with my littles. No one woke up with nightmares! The cat liked it too!

Today’s agenda: 18 mile looped course, flag football at 2 different parks for both boys, naps, and Magic Mountain Fright Fest tonight! I talked my youngest one into going, which is a miracle in itself! Wish us luck :) 

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